In The Shadow of Others


One step at a time

I was researching for an informative blog on Google.  I saw and read many blogs, but out of the many, the one that really caught my attention is the “wearenewyorksbrightest.”This blog is of a Middle School math teacher, Mr. Yang, who teaches in the South Bronx. He shares his first year of teaching experience.

I find this blog really interesting because Mr. Yang really enjoys what he does and it shows in his blogs. He even shared several lessons he learned as being a teacher. One lesson he shares is “always stay organized- you never know when your organization is the only thing that can keep you and your students sane”. That is an important lesson because if the teacher is disorganized then only one can describe how the class will be. I really enjoyed reading a couple of his postings. I cannot wait to read all of them from the start. He seems like a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher and I wish to have the same attitude when I start my teaching career. The reason I chose his blog is because he became a teacher in 2011- a new teacher. The advice and lessons he posts on his blog can help prepare me. I want to join his conversations and be able to ask him couple of my own questions. The information he has to provide can mentally prepare me in becoming a teacher. Another lesson he shares is “never try to juggle two physical tasks at the same time”. That is a problem I have, I take on too much as once. I will definitely read his lessons over and start to work on it myself.

I am interested in this piece of conversation because it’s a guide for my future career. I believe becoming a follower of such related blogs would help me get started on building strong connections with my peers. This connection would also allow me to feel more comfortable and more prepared for my teaching career. Looking through “wearenewyorksbrightest.” blog, I can truly say, Mr. Yang would become my role model. In the way he is so passionate about teaching and how he does not waste any time in educating his students. He stays on top and this is very important. There are a lot of teachers out there who just teach for the sake of teaching. However, this teacher he truly loves his job and willing to help students in whatever ways he can. I am so glad I was able to find this blog- it makes me feel like I am a lot closer to my dream than I was ever before.