This Shirt Needs Some Serious ‘Swag’

Colgate Women’s Games comes around once a year. For us track runners, this is the time of year to meet with nemeses on the track. Faced with the goal of running hard enough to make it to the finals at Madison Square Garden where the price is a killer track suit to show off, prize money to go towards our schooling and OF COURSE the most important, bragging rights.

As the runners prepare for the eventful weeks of warm-up, drills, cramps, sweat and even tears trust that those aren’t the only problems. Each runner is handed a shirt for the games. Unfortunately, it’s just a tee. Not sexy, not flattering for beastly track runners obsessed with their abs. Runners come prepared with scissors and creativity to make their shirt their own. Here’s how you put some swag in your shirt.

Here’s what you will need:

1. Any T-shirt (short or long sleeve)

2. A pair of scissors

3. A marker (optional)

First, lay shirt flat and cut off the sleeves one at a time.

Next grab your maker and draw a line from one side to the next to shorten the length of your shirt and cut it off like this:

After, make eight horizontal cuts to each side of the shirt.

Now cut each strip at the edge in half in order to be able to make the knots later on.

It’s time to tie the knots now. Your shirt should look like the image below after this step.

‘Swagging’ the neck is an optional step.

Pick up your marker. Outline the neck of the shirt and cut it to make it wider neck line.

One last snip on each side right under the armpits, tie your two knots and your shirt is ready to be worn and modeled.

 Swag-a-licious! Now you try it!