The search for the Physical Edcation Network

This picture has little to do with my post but guess what? it’s awesome. And so are you!

When first set with the task of finding a network of physical education bloggers i thougt to myself “who blogs about physical education?”. I quickly found that the answer to this question was with another question “who doesn’t?”

So I decided to give it the ole college try and keyword searched “sports education” and narrowed my search to blogs. In doing this I came across a blog entitled All Things Physical Education & Sports Coaching by Dylan Blain. Blain’s posts focus primarily on the infusion of technology into the PE setting. When first introduced to the concept of becoming a better educator by incorporating technology I initially believed that I would be at a disadvantage teaching PE. In many instances technology is used to make a stagnant class more engaging, but what can be more engaging then chasing an opponent up and down a basketball court? One particular post that caught my eye was one entitled What’s your REACTION with the iPod Touch?

The post goes on to describe how the sportscam app on the I-phone can be used as a tool for measuring reaction time to various stimulus. A very well thought out and executed lesson.

Access to this page also lead me to click a link to Mr Robbo. This page gave me even more information on different types of technologies that can be used in PE. With access to these networks I feel I will be better able to utilize technology in the PE setting and I encourage others to check them out