Special Thinkers

In my quest to find resources on the web that can guide me towards my goal of becoming a special education teacher, I found quite a few sites that fit my criteria.   None of them stood out as much as the “classroom in the corner” blog.  The blogger is Cortney Lyon and she is a 4th grade special education teacher in California.  Her blog was rated A+ on Teachingblogaddict.com.

She blogs about different teaching techniques such as the token economy system which is a positive reinforcement technique using tokens as milestones and a reward upon completion.  She also blogs about how she designed the floor plan of her classroom (which she paid for with her own money).  She not only takes her teaching serious and goes to great measures to make sure her students have the best chance at success under her watch, but she also makes sure that the environment for learning is present all around them as well.  Her blogs are so practical and full of experience that it was nominated for the 2012 Most Fascinating Special Education Blog Award.


Cortney Lyon building her classroom before the start of the school year.


An organized “After” picture of the planning station

After reading posts from her blog and looking at her blogger profile bio, I can see that teaching is not just her career but its her passion.  She seems so entrenched into it that it motivates me just reading about her.  She makes it easy for me to branch out and find other resources to learn and teach these children.  On her bio page she takes the time to list out the list of blogs she follows (all sixty-one of them!!!)

This is definitely going to be a resource I turn to for years to come!