The game I found the most interesting is the SKE BALL machine. I mean not only was it my favorite game as a child, but even today this game never fails to excite me ( sad I know ). I remember as a child as I would try to figure out the point system . The higher the ball landed the more points I got, it was the simple for me, BUT I had to get that ball in ! NOT so simple at a young age. When I play the game as an adult the whole game plan changed, i was more focused on the position I was throwing the ball in, how to get it in the 100 points slot and the my speed.

To modify this game I would keep the concept the same, but I prefer the kids to actually add up the points on their own .  I think  adding the points, staying focused and helping children build a tiny competitive side to them can keep chlidren intrested in different activities. Especially for the younger kids, I would say 1st grade or even 2nd grade. Another reason why I choose this game is because you can use several different point system  depending on the age group, for our older age group ( lets say 5th-7th grade) we can try multiplication. This can help kids not only flex their arm mucles but their brian as well !