How To Wire A Simple Series LED Circuit

Hello Everyone! A few years ago, I studied Electronics Technology and while I did that I enjoyed wiring circuits. Below I share with you a video in which I illustrate the steps I used to wire a simple series LED circuit using a breadboard.

The most surprising thing about making this instructional video was how long it took me to organize and finally explain the simple steps involved with the circuit. In my mind I know exactly how to connect the circuit but explaining it to other people in a video is another story for me. I’m glad I made this video because It allows me to see what I need to correct before I can instruct anyone about anything. My future work is all about teaching so I need lots of practice and I realize the best way for me right now is through making instructional videos. However, for it being my first video tutorial, I feel that it was good and I’m hopeful that it will assist someone.