P.E. Chess

For the GameKit Assignment I will be modifying one of the oldest board games – Chess.


I shall pick Chess.  Chess is a great game but there is not much physical activity involved, so I decided to make one of the oldest games more physical.


The game play and movements of the pieces shall remain the same (students should learn how to play chess the correct way).  What will change is the value of each piece.  Here’s what I mean:  Pawns = 20 Jumping Jacks, Knights = 20 Lunges, Bishops = 30 crunches, Rooks = 25 Scissor Kicks, Queens = 25 Push-ups, King = 50 Push-ups


The goal is to capture the opposing player’s King and capture as many opposing pieces in order to make your opponent perform physical activities.


Each piece has a corresponding physical activity, ex: Pawn = 20 Jumping Jacks, Knight = 20 push-ups, etc.. If a chess piece is killed/captured the owner of that piece must perform the physical activity.


Follow traditional chess rules.  When a piece is captured by your opponent you must perform the corresponding physical activity.


I played P.E. Chess with my girlfriend and we had a lot of fun.  It played out well and we were able to workout our minds and body.




It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, it’s a Physical Educator !

I am a physical educator, part of brother(sister)hood of people who are fighting for our professional careers and who are on the front lines of the war on obesity.  I say we are fighting for our profession because in so many schools around the nation budget cuts are eliminating physical education classes.  Many education boards have deemed gym class as expendable; a non-relevant subject that our children can do without.  Boy, are they wrong.

I don’t need to go on about the obesity crisis in our country.  We see it everyday when we go to the mall, ride the subway, or pass a McDonald’s restaurant.  We see morbidly obese people that continue their unhealthy lifestyles and are blissfully ignorant about the serious health implications that will occur in the near future.  These people pass down unhealthy habits from generation to generation as the vicious cycle continues.

So, who can we call on to save our country?  Superman? Spider-man? Wonder-woman? No, we need PHYSICAL EDUCATORS!! And we need to stick together to win this fight!

I have always tried to make connections and network with people in my field but until now I have never used the instrument of the Internet as a networking tool.  Here’s what I have found so far:

Top 50 Physical Educators on Twitter – I have browsed through all these accounts and they are full of great ideas from great people all around the world.  These people are motivated and are passionate about physical education, exercise, and youth sports. I have followed them all and hope to engage in conversation and exchange ideas.

@NTAAHPERD – found this organization on Twitter.  AAHPERD is the largest organization of professionals involved in physical education, recreation, fitness, dance, and health education.

@NASPE – The National Association of Sport and Physical Education is the national authority.  This organization sets standards that all P.E. teachers must follow and adhere to.

@PEgeeks– A collaboration of ideas and resources from PE teachers throughout the world, aimed at engaging learners & raising standards #TogetherWeAreStronger #pegeeks
This is a great new organization that I just found on Twitter, reading stuff like this gives me chills and makes me proud to be a physical educator.


The search for the Physical Edcation Network

This picture has little to do with my post but guess what? it’s awesome. And so are you!

When first set with the task of finding a network of physical education bloggers i thougt to myself “who blogs about physical education?”. I quickly found that the answer to this question was with another question “who doesn’t?”

So I decided to give it the ole college try and keyword searched “sports education” and narrowed my search to blogs. In doing this I came across a blog entitled All Things Physical Education & Sports Coaching by Dylan Blain. Blain’s posts focus primarily on the infusion of technology into the PE setting. When first introduced to the concept of becoming a better educator by incorporating technology I initially believed that I would be at a disadvantage teaching PE. In many instances technology is used to make a stagnant class more engaging, but what can be more engaging then chasing an opponent up and down a basketball court? One particular post that caught my eye was one entitled What’s your REACTION with the iPod Touch?

The post goes on to describe how the sportscam app on the I-phone can be used as a tool for measuring reaction time to various stimulus. A very well thought out and executed lesson.

Access to this page also lead me to click a link to Mr Robbo. This page gave me even more information on different types of technologies that can be used in PE. With access to these networks I feel I will be better able to utilize technology in the PE setting and I encourage others to check them out



Maker Movement and the Extreme Possibilities

What’s Up!  My name is Anthony, I am a Phys. Ed. major here at York College, I am working for my Bachelor Degree in P.E. K-12 and state teaching license.  When I have all the credentials required I plan to teach P.E. for which ever grade level I have the opportunity to teach.  Also I love sports and have a lot of experience playing many sports and I love the beneficial aspects of physical fitness therefore I would also like to coach sports and be a trainer as well.

Maker Kids at Maker Faire Austin from the MAKE blog

I find the theme of this class using the ‘Maker Culture’ as a guide to be a very interesting approach in enhancing student’s creativity, intelligence and understanding of the world around them.  No matter the age it is a very valuable trait to cultivate one’s creative outlets. From science & art to mathematics & engineering to sports & music, creative ingenuity propels that motor.


In my initial searches to elaborate on the ‘Maker Culture’ I aimed to draw a correlation between Phys. Ed. and the Culture and there wasn’t much connection between the two but there was one particular link that landed in my search.  It was a site designed by Red Bull which is a very cutting edge company that heavily invests in EXTREME SPORTS!  Red Bull stays in the now and recognized the movement of the ‘Maker Culture’ and designed a pretty cool website dedicated to the ‘Maker Culture’ called RED BULL CREATION.

After much thought and through all the creative and innovative adventures sponsored by Red Bull, I began to realize just how deep creative ingenuity can go with regard to academics, athletics and everything in between.  Using the foundation of the Maker Movement I feel I will tap into my creative outlets and become a better teacher/leader.