Bottle Cap Foosball

For this activity, I brainstormed using objects at my job, I searched for items and thought of games I could build with them. I first thought of paper football and foosball, with those two games in mind I started to have ideas then began to look for and select items.  Using paper cups, popsicle sticks, a bottlecap, a quarter, two big bottles and a simple set of rules/scoring system I came up with a pretty cool game that is strategic, educational, challenging and also made time fly while at work.

Step 1

Gather 6 paper cups, 2 big bottles, a quarter, a popsicle stick and a bottle cap

Step 2

Align the cups in a formation similar to foosball and position the two bottles as a goal

Step 3

The player will then spin the quarter behind a designated line and where ever the quarter stops is where the player must shoot the bottlecap from

Step 4

The player will then try to strike the bottlecap through the goal using the popsicle stick

Step 5

Depending on whether the quarter lands on heads or tails, the player will have 3 shots if it lands heads and only 2 shots if it lands tails

Goals of the Game

To be the first player to score 5 points


1. The player must spin the quarter from behind a designated line and where ever quarter stops this is where they will shoot the bottle cap from

2. If the quarter lands heads player will get 3 shots, if the quarter lands tails player will get 2 shots

3. If the bottle cap hits a cup player loses 1 point, if bottle cap goes off table player loses 2 points and their turn

4. Player gets 2 point for a goal

5. Player cannot touch cup with hand or loses a turn

6. First player to 5 wins

Scoring System

Each player starts at Zero, +2 point for a goal, -1 point if bottle cap hits cup, -2 points if bottle cap goes off table, first player to 5 wins, flip of coin decide who starts

Bottle Cap Foosball Video Demo

This is a quick video of my buddy who scored in two shots pretty easy but as we played the game it was kind of challenging as we hit the cups a bunch of times or the cap went off the table.  With the scoring system it was a back and forth battle for the winner to reach 5 and with the negative point system as well it introduced a sort of tricky math element in keeping track of score.  With an option of 2 or 3 shots, the design and the scoring system there was a need for strategic comprehension and mathematic comprehension involved. It was cool game that both kids and adults can play.


Game Modification

In modifying the game we decided to tape pospsicle sticks to the bottom of the cups which made it more difficult to navigate the course

In modifying the rules we decided to make a rule that if the cap hits one of the sticks you would have to reshoot from the beginning and also lose a shot

These modifications made the game more challenging and forced us to play more controlled and strategic

Tape posicle sticks to the bottom of the cups


Try getting through the course with out hitting the new obstacles

Use strategy when determining how to get through the course (how many shots and how hard or soft to hit the cap) 

Thoughts on the game experience

Overall the game was pretty fun in terms of design, strategy and consequense of how you hit the cap and where it landed.  The game was creative and flowed well, it offered a lot of room for modifications or changes which forced us to keep thinking. Overall we enjoyed the whole process and really didnt find any negatives.  By making changes it made the game more challenging and really was something to think about.