Creating Assignments From DS 106

DS 106 is a free online course in which students develop their new media skills by completing visual, audio, video and many other types of new media assignments. Hit it and 911, What’s Your Emergency? were the two assignments I completed for DS 106.

Hit it is a visual assignment in which you add a caption to a picture in order to make it funny.  Here is my picture:

Marine recruits during basic training

In this picture you can see marine recruits  going through their physically rigorous basic training. To make the image funny I added text which says “I should’ve listened to my momma…”. The text I added tries to match the agony and pain that the recruits display in the picture, which I thought was funny. By completing the assignment, I learned how to add captions using GIMP.

The second assignment from DS 106 was an audio recording assignment called 911, Whats Your Emergency?  The goal of this assignment is to create a 911 call while having fun with it. My sister and I recorded a call in which a man calls 911 because he needs a cab but has no money to pay for it. The recording turned out to be very funny. The assignment allowed me to learn how to record audio using my phone and how to attach it to an image using Window Live Movie maker. Here is the recording:


I’m glad I completed the assignment from DS 106 because it pushed me to learn new media software tools that I’ll be able to use in the future as a teacher.