My Entry Point To Math Teaching Connections

Today I was searching Google Blogs for math teachers that are active bloggers which could potentially help me on my path to becoming a math teacher. During my search I found the website called Great Math Teaching Ideas created by William Emeny who used to be a secondary school math teacher and now works at Wyvern College in Hampshire, England as a lecturer and Deputy Curriculum Leader. Emeny wrote a blog on his site called “Probably the best blogs by maths teachers around the world” which he shares his thoughts on what he thinks are the best blogs by teachers around the world.

There are some really great blogs out there written by maths teachers who really care about their practice. I enjoy reading their posts as they share their insight and ideas and think about how it could improve my own teaching.

I believe that this blog is the entry point to my own network of connections that can help me on my path to becoming a math teacher. The blog pointed me to great and experienced k-12 math teachers that actively blog on how to make math education better. Among such educators is Dan Meyer, who has very interesting ideas on how to improve math education by letting students develop their independent thinking skills and Kate Nowak who Emeny decribes as a blogger who keeps the big picture of mathematics teaching in mind. It is very likely that I will find potential connections through Emeny’s blogs that could help me a lot in my educational journey.