Whack A Mode

I received great feedback from my friends, my classmates and Prof. Smith on how to improve The Mode Game. Using their input I was able to improve The Mode Game into a new game that is now called “Whack A Mode”.

The last game was very slow and had an unintended memorization aspect to it. This time, I made the game just about learning the mode. I was able to remove the memorization aspect and increase the speed of the old game simultaneously by presenting the all the data at once. In The Mode Game the data was displayed individually which took more time and memorization. To make the improvement I had to modify the entire game. Here is a video of the new game:



Here is how I created the game using the steps of Find Play In Things

Gather Materials:

A cardboard box, color craft sticks, a stopwatch, clear tape, gift wrap paper and a home made hammer.

Activity Explored:

I made small holes in the box so that the craft sticks would stand alone on the cardboard box.

Core Activity:

Use the hammer to whack the all the craft sticks that represent the most frequent color displayed.


One player is required to play per game. The player recognizes the color that appears the most (the mode) and whacks all the craft sticks which represent that color. The player does this without touching the other sticks and in the least time possible.  The time will be measured using a stopwatch. If the player finishes within 10 seconds he or she gets 30 tickets, within 15 seconds 20 tickets and within 20 seconds 10 tickets, if the player takes more than 20 seconds he or she receives no tickets.

Play Testing The Game:

I had some of my friends play the the game to test it. They liked the game for the most part, but recommended that I remove some craft sticks to make it easier for kids to identify the mode. I feel confident that this game can help students understand the concept of the mode.

I wished my new game lasted a bit longer and that it was more engaging to the players. During my building process I made many different versions of the game but at the end I ended up with the design that was possible to build within the time constraints.