Books: Your Real Friends

I wish the library had a door that had one of those big misting foggers. You know, the ones at Six Flags in the summer where the water gently washes over all the sweat and grime of a hot day at the park? I’d like a mister to wash away all the negative feelings my students have about books–or at least dilute it, so I have a chance to baptize the kiddos into the wonder of the written word.

Above quote is written by Amy Rasmussen, who is an ELA teacher and a blogger.  The quote is from her blog page Threeteacherstalk, where she writes about her fifteen years teaching experiences and share it with other people.  I think this blog page is a really good source especially for those who want to become teachers, so that they have an idea what is going to look like in the real world.  The quote is taken from her blog titled If You Can Talk About a Book, You’re Not an Average Kid. In this blog she shared her experience that her students hate reading books and she tried to find out why do they hate books and some strategies that she used and going to use to make her students love reading books.

I was searching for blogs written by middle school English teachers because I am majoring in Education/Education middle school extension, and the pop-upped. I visited the website and liked the blogs because these blogs are enriched with teachers’ personal experiences with their students and future teachers have a lot to learn from them.  I liked this particular blog is because this about reading.  I also do not like to read.  Actually not “like” I should say I don’t have that patience to read any entire book or story.  I never have that patience maybe because I have never been encouraged or presented books in a manner that I will like them.  This is exactly what Ms. Rasmussen is talking about in her blog.

Ms. Rasmussen is saying that her students say that they hate to read books, but she is saying that her students actually do not even know if they like to read or not because they did not read that much book.  She wonder what middle did her students did in middle and elementary school.  She also said that teachers in elementary and middle schools should give their effort to make students like reading because this is the time build the base.  If they fail then she will do everything to make her freshman students to love reading books.  This my favorite from the blog where she said:

I will if it will help me match books to students’ interests. I will if it will help me show kids that books can help them solve their problems. I will if I can get kids to stop saying they hate books.

This is my favorite because in this quote she stated how dedicated she is in teaching her students.  I believe a teacher should be like this.  Teacher should have that passion to do everything to help their students and to support them, to give them voice, to give them opportunity to change their lives.  I believe in this and I will try my best to practice this while teaching.  I recommend this blog for all the future teachers.  You can also follow her in twitter if you have an account.