How to Make Payesh or Rice Pudding

Payesh or Rice Pudding

Hey everyone, my name is Tanuja and I am from Bangladesh.  The picture above as you can see, is one of my favorite Bangladeshi desert.  It’s called Payesh in Bangladesh.  Most of the time it’s served as a desert, but you can eat this any time you want.  It’s tasty, healthy and very easy to make.  Today I will tell you how to make it at home.  Let’s look at the ingredients first.

Milk (Bottom Left), Kalijira Aromatic Rice(Bottom Right), Sugar(Top Left), Bay Leaf, Cinnamon stick. Raisins and sliced Almond (Top Right) for garnishing.

Ingredients: We need 3 cups of whole milk, 1 cup of Kalijira aromatic rice, 1 cup of sugar, 1 bay leaf, 1 cinnamon stick, some raisins and sliced almond.  You can find the Kalijira Aromatic rice at any Bangladeshi or Indian grocery store.  The reason I used this rice is because it has a very nice fragrance.  If you can not find this rice use any parboiled rice.

Step 1. Pour the milk in to the pot

Step 1. At first in a medium pan pour the milk and turn the stove on a medium heat. Bring the milk into a boil.





Step 2. add the rice

Step 3. Add sugar

Step 4. Add cinnamon and bay leaf

Step 2. Then add rice,(don’t forget to wash the rice).






Step 3. Add sugar.

Step 4. Add bay leaf and cinnamon stick in to the milk one by one. Keep stirring.

Step 5. About this thickness



Step 5. Cook it for 25 minutes on medium heat.  Cook until the Payesh get thicker.




Make sure you always stand in front of the stove and stir it.  Otherwise the Payesh will overflow from the pot. If needed lower the heat. Once it gets thick turn the heat off.

Last Step. Garnish with sliced almond and raisins

Last Step. Now your Payesh is ready to serve.  Put the Payesh or the rice pudding on a medium bowl and garnish it with sliced almond and raisins. You can use any kind of nuts and dry fruits to garnish the Payesh, such as cashew nuts, Pistachio etc.




Isn’t really sweet and simple to make it?  Trust me you are going to love this.  This is so delicious.  My younger brother and sister love this desert.  Must try at home.