AnnMarie Thomas: Making Makers

Ann MarieThomas is the Executive Director of the Maker Education Initiative. She talks about making makers and the importance of making things in order to learn them. According to her, many successful makers were created in families where parents gave their kids freedom and support to make their own inventions. Such makers increased their learning by going through the process of making what they envisioned. The Maker Education Initiative supports this view and seeks to create opportunities for youngsters to engage in learning through making.

I hope we are giving today’s kids, the skills and the tools both, literal and figurative that they need to turn their dreams into reality

My name Yitongliton, I study Mathematics  and plan to become a middle school teacher. Thomas’s point of view is very interesting to me because I always wanted to become a maker of electronics but thought that I would have to acquire some specialized training to become one. However, her presentation opened my eyes and I now believe I can start my own projects without formal training. This is great for me because once I work on my projects and develop confidence can help my future students learn a lot by guiding them to through their own individual projects.