Pop Some Math

The lesson Plan for math that I had in mind was more or less helping students to memorize their multiplication tables. This lesson plan is built over the course of a few days.It begins first in making an attempt to evaluate what the student already knows and has previously memorized.  This includes their, 0’s,1’s,2’s,5’s,10’s,11’s. Once these tables have been taught through repetition and practice the next phase is implemented, the 3’s and 9’s time table using the different activities mentioned in the lesson plan. Drill all these problems into their heads and make it almost like second nature. The last step is to create a 5min. timed quiz for the students to test their knowledge, 100 problems. Next and final step would be tying everything together.

This is where my game would come into play. Instead of using the traditional method of a drill sheet why not make a game where the students can reinforce their multiplication skills and pop some balloons. I would explain the the children the concept of the game and have each student spin at least once. We would do a few as a class no paper or pencil.  I wasn’t able to create a mock up of the game because it included so many elements. I took a while to build and it wasn’t finished till the day of the arcade.

I changed the rules form have the students give me all the possible combinations for the number on the wheel to only ave to come up with one. The biggest feed back I got was ion the non-popping balloons. Some suggested I use something else entirely but most said just make the balloons bigger so they can pop. However, I realize were could not conduct this game in an actual classroom due to the use of sharp objects. But the point of the game is clear.

Dress Up Your Food !

My K-12 Visual / Design lesson is age appropriate for 3rd or 4th grade elementary students.  The lesson would revolve around nutrition and healthy eating, particularly fruits and vegetables.  Students will learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and proper daily intake.  After the lecture part of the lesson students would be able to dress up their favorite fruit or vegetable via a graphics editing program such as PhotoshopExpress.  Students will be encouraged to dress up their food any way they would like, i.e. favorite athlete, singer, actor, etc.

My Photoshop apple.

Students can be asked to print their pictures and write a short paragraph on the nutritional value of their chosen fruit or vegetable.

I have never used Photoshop Express before and I found it to be very user friendly and is a program that elementary children could also use.  I would like to try the full version of the software.  I believe this lesson would be both fun and informative for elementary level children.