10a.m. – Digital Storytelling Time!

I chose the DS106 design assignment: The Ultimate Merger.

For this assignment create a logo in which you combine two famous logos.

I’m sure you can tell something is wrong with this photo, can you?

“Just Do It” is the short, snappy slogan for Nike. I decided to blend the Nike slogan to the Adidas brand logo. If you didn’t know, Adidas is one of Nike’s competitor brands as is Under Armour and Reebok.

I found completing this assignment extremely difficult and was ready to quit trying as I began to get so frustrated with not being able to merge the two brands on my own. I toyed with photo editing programs such as fotoflexer and pixlr, but still nothing. Finally with the help of Professor Smith, I was able to complete the task and get the image I desired. FINALLY! With this assignment I learned about the Pixlr program, not necessarily how to use it thought. This was actually my first time using the program and alone, it seemed so complex. With the help of the Professor, I slowly got the hand of things or at least tried to. I learned about layers in pictures as well as how to sharpen images. The sharpening tool helped the black coloring in the “Just Do It” logo blend in with the black of the Adidas logo design for a more legit look.

Well, because I had help completing my design assignment I don’t feel positive in accurately explaining the steps I took. It all went so fast. Actually, it could’ve been at a grasping pace, but the vocabulary was so foreign to me because I’ve never used an editing program before. I’ve never had reason to. I joked that I needed Pixlr for Dummies. My goal would be to explore Pixlr or other photo editing programs a bit more and attempt to create another merger picture to see if I grasped the idea of it from the help I got.

Hopefully, I do better this time around. Let’s see how this goes!

For the second part of the assignment, I decided to do a video assignment “Top 5 Moments of Sports”. Check out what I put together on my first attempt —

Although I thought the video assignment would be tougher than the first, I was actually wrong. It was tedious, but easier to complete on my own. I used a free program on my Mac, iMovie to put my first movie project together. In the program, I toyed with audio tool which gave my video some sass, hopefully. I chose to make this video about sports, in particular baseball, because I am a huge MLB junkie. That’s all I live for during the summer days. Also, even though I am a NYY (New York Yankees) fan, I tried not to be biased by including other team’s moments in the video.

This assignment taught me that I need to be more in touch with my computer editing and exploring side – seriously. Hope you guys enjoyed!