Entering My Path To Becoming a Teacher

I happened to stumble upon Mercedes Hutchens’ blog and it instantly caught my interest. The name of her blog is Surfing To Success. The homepage is really eye-catching and I like how she named it because it displays how dedicated she is to helping her students succeed and go on the right path through education. I noticed that most of the blog posts she puts up include many visuals, tips, and information that will benefit me as a future elementary school teacher. I chose Hutchens as my guide teacher blogger because she has a lot of experience in the education field and has a creative, fun personality which is the type of teacher I am aiming to be one day.

I’m interested in the posts she writes because they include ample ideas to keep children engaged and crafty, unique teaching methods. I gained a lot from her blog post on teaching respect because she demonstrates how understanding of her students she isand she shares this advice since it is effective for her. I find her posts very helpful and her perspective on teaching elementary school students is very inspiring. Hutchens’ informative posts are definitely convenient for me to keep reading because she associates to my choice of profession and with future teaching experiences I will be surpassing.

“Hopefully, as I develop things for my classroom, they will be useful for someone else.”

I chose this quote she mentioned in her article titled How to Plot a Point Common Core 5.G.2┬ábecause it shows how much she cares about sharing her knowledge of being a teacher to be able to guide others. From her blogs, I percieve that she is a really dedicated educator who exudes skillful qualities. She can be portrayed as a role model because she truly shows immense concern about her students’ learning. Everything I just described will be me at the end of my journey to becoming a teacher!