How to properly grip a board @ HB7

When people have a passion, skill, trade or knowledge it is almost human nature to want to share it with other people.  In today’s day and age with all the technology and communication outlets it gives us a great platform to share what we do with the rest of the world.  The process of MAKING something is in our D.N.A. and I think this goes all way back to the caveman days and its only natural to want to share with your fellow man or woman.

For my tutorial I choose to share with the world how to put griptape on a skateboard.  A dear friend of mine, Henry Pena, opened the doors of Heavenbound7 Skateshop and provided me with the opportunity to record the process of gripping a board.

Personally I was pleasantly surprised in how cool it was to video tape myself gripping a board, I am actually satisfied with the outcome.  The process went smooth and as we were in the shop watching the video some of the kids in the shop actually felt the video could help them learn to properly grip a board, so that makes feel even more happy with the video and its usefulness.  Gotta send a shout out to HB7