Healthy kids in middle schools

As a future Health Education teacher, I was researching through the web to help me become a more effective health educator. I came across a topic in the health education area that caught my eye and it was about children’s mental health and one person who speaks about this topic is Julia Steiny.

She mentions how vital it is to put children’s mental health as the primary in education other than their physical state of education. When it comes to Putting Kids’ Mental Health at the Center of Education people assume that its always the opposite and that other aspects of health education should come first such as substance abuse, sex education, nutrition, and physical education. But she mentions that the first thing that should be taught or educators should be aware of is the state of the child’s mental health and educate them about it and its different perspectives of mental health education.

When kids aren’t using pro-social ways to meet their needs, doctors often prescribe psychoactive drugs to manage the unwanted behavior.  While I generally hate the impulse to pass laws to legislate every little thing, giving a kid psychoactive drugs without talk therapy really should be illegal.  Drugs can’t get to the bottom of a problem or teach a kid pro-social skills.  Drugs can be hugely helpful by supporting people in the throes of therapy, unpacking painful experiences.  But too often drugs are just excuses to avoid the harder issue of helping kids form the strong, caring relationships that are an everyday safety net.

Mental health education of children

I think that as a future health educator, I will be able to implement and incorporate and start off with each student’s mental health and ask them about the topic or subject and what they think about it when it comes to their mind and provide me with a lot of feedback. Also, I think it will benefit the children more and have engage, be interested, and be active both now and in the future.