K – 12 assignments… Famous Last Words and Exercise Demo

Visual assignment

‘Famous Last Words’

For this assignment I want students to think of a historical figure, do a internet search for an image of this figure and create a meme in which the person expresses their last words. When thinking of what this person’s last words could be use the basis of what they were known for and accomplished in their lifetime.

The learning objective of this assignment is to research a historical figure and their impact on this world.  Through this research the student is to then reflect on what this persons last words to the world would be.  From this assignments student learn in depth on a historical figure and how they effected history also they will put themselves in that person’s shoes by thinking what that person’s last words may be.


Theodore Roosevelt

Also in this assignment I would have students give a brief explanation as to why they think this person would say what they said.  As for Theodore Roosevelt, he was a man that believed in a life of hard work, strength and toil as the only means to achievement.


Video Assignment

’60 Second Exercise Demo’

This assignment is designed with physical education in mind, I want students to record a 60 second video of themselves demonstrating a particular exercise.  Students can choose any exercise they want and in the video students must: 1 – introduce the exercise (equipment, positioning, technique, etc.), 2 – Demonstrate a few reps of the exercise, 3 – Explain the muscles worked and the benefits of the exercise.

The learning objective of this exercise is to not only encourage students to be active but to know the effect of the exercises they are doing.  I want students to be knowledgeable enough in the exercise they are performing that they can teach it to others.  This is a great assignment for teenagers as it encourages exercise and allows them to implement technology which will engage them both mentally & physically in a PE unit.


After this assignment I would encourage students to reflect on their work, what went well, what went wrong or how they would do it again.  As in the case of my video I would try to eliminate background noise and be more specific with how to perform the exercise.  I enjoyed the assignment, just need to tighten the video up.  Overall I think this would be a cool assignment for adolescents as it fosters independence and a dedication to their health & fitness.  They can learn from the assignment and help others learn from it too.



Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee


Muhammad Ali

The greatest athlete of the 20th century letting you know WHAT THE DEAL IS…………….. On this portion of the task I chose to do ‘Caption That’ for the visual assignment because I found this to be a classic photo of an iconic figure and I thought adding this caption was a good example of his persona in and out of the ring.

When it comes to the web and memes or gifs I never really thought about making my own or how to even do it but through this process I learned some easy tools to create simple memes, its pretty cool.  I don’t think I will be doing much of it but I can see the fun in them and used the right way you can share a message, spark thought or just have fun with it.


Video assignment

30 second documentary

For this task I decided to do the ’30 second documentary’ assignment from the video portion of ds106 assignments.

I chose to record myself trying to do a 30 second gasser which is a conditioning drill used in football practices where you are demanded to run 200 yards(50 yard intervals) in 30 – 40  seconds.  I have a love/hate relationship with this workout, its an intense run that’s great for cardio but a grueling conditioning drill as your really supposed to do 8 rounds of them with about a 60 second break between each round.  Not the best video, had some soccer player get in the shot (didn’t want have to do a re shoot) and there is no audio which the assignment says is ok. Overall its a great exercise if you want to upstart you cardio conditioning in a powerful way.

I liked doing this is assignment because it motivated me to record a portion of one of my workouts.  As a PE major and someone who would like to train people of all ages and of all walks of life this assignment opened my eyes to the benefits of recording my exercises and sharing them on the web.  Maybe I can upload more videos in the future that will help people in their pursuits to reach a better path of health and fitness.