Arcade day (game day) and Reflection

My game Aim and Build it healthy, was to teach children how to build a healthy meal and identify what is healthy and what is not. The kids who played the game came back even the students came back as well and wanted to play again was to obviously win more tickets, but to also to aim better and not get the ball stuck or landed on the junk food parts of the board. But overall it looks like everyone had fun and enjoyed the game.


1. Was your game one of chance or skill or a combination of both? How did people respond to the style of play?

My game was based on both of skill of aiming right and chance that it lands on the healthy sections and not the junk food/pizza and fries. After several times of trying it, the players responded to my style in a positive way of playing by trying to aim and make sure it landed right and  wanted to try again and again even though their turn was over, but they had lots of fun.

2. Did your game allow for players to construct knowledge (through play they learned the lesson) or was it more of a showcase of knowledge (asking players for answers to questions would be a good example)?

My game was more towards the direction of the players to construct knowledge, learn,  and challenge themselves at the same time to see which food groups they need to build a healthy meal and focus on that part of the game and try to win.

3. How did the mechanics of the game turn out? Was it slow, fast, cumbersome, just right. Same with the rules. What would you change and why)

The mechanics of my game were great. There was no timing involved, the rules were to focus on aiming the ball and landing it the right spot on the board, and they get 3 balls, but towards the end I made it 4 balls to land on what they players thought would be the correct way to build a healthy meal. One thing I should have changed and will do is to give adults and children separate distances to throw the balls on the board this way the distance will vary if the aimed and it landed on either the healthy foods or the junk foods.

My reflection:

I though this class was going to be boring because the other ed classes I took were long  and boring and I thought it was going to be the same, but it turns out that it was a totally different class altogether. I learned so many things in this class such as how to blog and embed videos, music, photos, movies, etc. I learned how to incorporate technology with education and how to make my health lessons fun and exciting and not have students fall asleep or not pay attention in class. In such a class where we had about only 3 weeks or so, I learned a lot and it was fun and I didn’t realize class went by so fast. i have to say this class and Professor M.B. Smith are one of my top favorite and best classes I have ever taken here at York, thank you Professor Smith and it was an honor and a privilege being in your class this winter semester.