Chuck E. Cheese – Football Toss

The game I liked best (even though it wasn’t working properly) was the Football 2 Minute Drill.  The mechanics of the game were pretty simple: put in token and game starts.  A conveyor belt brings the footballs to you and you must toss the balls into 3 different sized holes.  The smaller hole is more points.  The game continues for 2 minutes.


I would modify this game to suit a K-12 lesson by changing the rules and objectives.  I would create more holes in which the ball would be tossed through, and designate them with different numbers.  Students would have to answer a math question correctly in order to receive a chance to score more points by throwing a football through a hole.  Example:

Question: what is 2 X 3?

Answer: 6 (If answered correctly the student receives 1 point for his/her team)

The student would then have to toss the ball in the hole designated “6”.  If successful, they would score additional points for their team.