Chuck E Cheese a Fun Place to Visit

At Chuck E Chesse I saw the exact type of game that I wanted to create for our edcation arcade.  The football toss, where you get about 60 seconds to toss a football through various targets that had differing values.  The game was ok but the belt that returned the ball was way to slow so you only actually got about 4 tosses.  This was one of the flaws in the game mechanics and I think there should have been more time.

This game will be hard to design around an educational lesson, I have a few ideas such as the player must answer educational questions that have a certain value and if they get the question right then they will get a certain number of tosses.  So you have answer questions to get tosses and then if your tosses hit the target then you get tickets.  Im still contemplating ideas for this game, not sure if I can pull it off so I am also thinking of other games I might like to design….

I guess its all trial and error…