Technical Ways of Learning

I used Photoshop to adjust this painting known as the American Gothic by Grant Wood. I added a couple of details to this painting such as the fat cat as the mans’ head, a thinking cloud, and text inside it to show what the lady is thinking. Putting this all together was a first for me and I was impressed by how many alterations can be made with just a few clicks. This visual assignment really put my imagination to work which is important for students. It can also be applied to a History junior high school classroom because students can choose a historical painting and implement their interpretation of it. Most students will definitely have fun with this activity because they will also be learning the actual significance behind the painting and how it impacted history.



For this video assignment I chose a word of my interest, Fashion, and I explained my point of view of this word through storytelling such as gathering pictures to describe my definition of Fashion. To create this video I used Windows’ Movie Maker program. Editing the music I added to the video was a bit challenging, but also interesting since I don’t use this program often. I was pleased with the final result of this video because I got my definition across as I wanted. This video assignment stood out the most to me because I enjoy expressing myself and I figured this was a form of sharing how I view Fashion.

The ds106 visual and video assignments are fun teaching techniques and they require manipulation skills of digital tools. These types of assignments foster understanding through storytelling. I learned that using digital tools can be pretty challenging, but also exciting because you’re creating it your way and adding your own twists to lessons.