Lets twist it up

As a teacher I think some of these assignments on DS106. I would use Design assignment, Messing with the MacGuffin to create a assignment geard towards 3rd grade class. Where they would take their favorite book. Look through the book and find a picture and find something about the story they would change. Preferably a line that the character says. Have them change that line, I wold let them know that whatever line they changed needed to alter the storyline. This would be a assignment I would use to explain storyline and plot. I would use a fairy tale picture as my example.

Now, this would only be part one of the assignment part 2 would be for them to them re write the story using the twist they added to the story.  Then I would have them record their revised story for everyone else to hear. Here is my story


This would be a lesson I would use to explain storyline and elements of a story.

This assignment didn’t take too long to create, the picture I used a google image and then I used roflbot to add the text to the picture. Then I found my storybook, Disney’s Storybook Collection and used the Snow White and the seven dwarfs story. When I got to the part of the story with the poison apple I wrote down the ending that i created adding my twist.

Then I recorded myself telling the story using Vocaroo. to record the story then I saved the recording and added the link to my post.

I think the students would love this assignment. It allows them to use their imagination. I think I would alter this assignment maybe allowing them to used it to change history. Allowing them to pick a point in history they could change or alter. I think that would be exciting for them.

Superhero’s and Jokes in Spanish. Thanks DS 106

The assignment I chose to do for the visual assignment is entitled “troll quotes” In this assignment I was set with the task of linking three similar yet differen figures. My figures were Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. As a huge fan of comic books and superheroes in general i quickly developed this concept. Here is my finished product.

The picture is of Superman, the quote is from Batman, and the quoted is credited to Spiderman. While attempting to complete this task I had to refamiliarize myself with photo editing software. The ideas of layers and text boxes that lie dormant in the back of my mind  had to be pulled back to the front.

For the audio assignment I chose to do the assignment entitled “Make’em laugh“. For this assignment I had to tell a joke in another language. I enjoyed doing this assignment although it’s was a bit awkward to record myself. I also tend to laugh at more inappropriate jokes so it I tried to keep it pg with a friendly kid joke.