Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee


Muhammad Ali

The greatest athlete of the 20th century letting you know WHAT THE DEAL IS…………….. On this portion of the task I chose to do ‘Caption That’ for the visual assignment because I found this to be a classic photo of an iconic figure and I thought adding this caption was a good example of his persona in and out of the ring.

When it comes to the web and memes or gifs I never really thought about making my own or how to even do it but through this process I learned some easy tools to create simple memes, its pretty cool.  I don’t think I will be doing much of it but I can see the fun in them and used the right way you can share a message, spark thought or just have fun with it.


Video assignment

30 second documentary

For this task I decided to do the ’30 second documentary’ assignment from the video portion of ds106 assignments.

I chose to record myself trying to do a 30 second gasser which is a conditioning drill used in football practices where you are demanded to run 200 yards(50 yard intervals) in 30 – 40  seconds.  I have a love/hate relationship with this workout, its an intense run that’s great for cardio but a grueling conditioning drill as your really supposed to do 8 rounds of them with about a 60 second break between each round.  Not the best video, had some soccer player get in the shot (didn’t want have to do a re shoot) and there is no audio which the assignment says is ok. Overall its a great exercise if you want to upstart you cardio conditioning in a powerful way.

I liked doing this is assignment because it motivated me to record a portion of one of my workouts.  As a PE major and someone who would like to train people of all ages and of all walks of life this assignment opened my eyes to the benefits of recording my exercises and sharing them on the web.  Maybe I can upload more videos in the future that will help people in their pursuits to reach a better path of health and fitness.



Digital Storytelling

My Nephew’s Funny picture..

I decided to do the visual assignments part for our DS106 assignments.  I had a lot of funny and cute picture of my nephew.  I just use one of them and add the caption.  I had a lot of fun doing this. I saw other people’s post of this kind of edited picture.   But this time I learned how to do it and I made a funny picture with funny caption.  To edit my picture I used a this website one of the classmate shared in his blog.

I saw the caption somewhere and just add them to my nephew’s picture.  Computers were really created to save our time but we waste our time the when using computer.  The reason I put this caption is because on one hand computers and cellphones made our lives easy but on the other hand it made us lazy and waste our time.  I don’t have a Facebook account because I think this is such a waste of time.  I see how my brother and sister waste their in the Facebook My sister supposed to study for her SAT, but she is on Facebook most of the time, either playing or just wondering someone else pages.  My supervisor also told me one day that last summer he played FarmVille for nine days continuously without doing anything else and last day he realized how much time he wasted and stopped playing it.  So, we should utilize our time and invest it to do something creative.