Making of Aim and built it healthy

The creation of my game consisted of the materials; cardboard, clear/see-through velcro, sharpie markers, pin-pong balls, and crayons.

Aim and built it healthy and the materials put together to create it

My original design was to put small pictures next to each slice or section on the cardboard,  but due to limited and short on supplies, I had to improvise and move to Plan B. It was using sharpies and crayons to trace and fill in pictures, and then cover velcro over the ping-pong balls and test to see if it would stick and it did, plan b worked!!!!.

I am happy to say that with the help of my fellow classmate and how she helped me last minute, the project came out great and both the classmates and kids who were at the studio had fun an awesome time. 🙂

Arcade day