Lessons to byte into!

I used photovisi for my K-12 visual assignment.  It’s a photo collage service where you just need to upload your photos and the template, then download it.  I made a collage on community workers.  This is appropriate for children in kindergarten since they have a community helpers unit in this grade.  Instead of coloring workers in books, I thought that taking actual pictures of them or cutting them out of magazines and putting it together in a collage with the children would be more fun for them.  These are different jobs in our community that children are familiar with.

How I created this collage:

  1. I went to google.com image search and looked for pictures of community workers, e.g. police, fire fighters, etc. and saved them on my desktop.
  2.  I went to www.photovisi.com and selected a template style
  3. Once I selected the template, I added my photos
  4. Once the pictures appeared on the collage, I resized and moved them around.
  5. I then clicked finished and downloaded the collage
I’ve never used photovisi but the instructions were pretty straightforward.  It was easy to use.
I used iMovie for my video assignment.  This lesson will be based on identifying animals that belong to a particular habitat.  In my example, I used the rainforest.   I would give them a region of the world based on its climate and their assignment would be identify the various forms of life that inhabit that area.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMOpDfX89f8[/youtube]

How I created this video:

  1. I went to google.com image search and looked for pictures of animals in the rainforest and saved it.
  2. Opened the iMovie program
  3. I selected new project from the menu
  4. I selected the template for my movie
  5. I then dragged the photos into the template
  6. I gave my project a name and saved it
  7. From the share menu on iMovie, I selected youtube and uploaded the video

iMovie was fun and simple to use.  It gave you step by step instructions.