Spoiler Alert: Chuckie Cheese is fun

DUring a recent trip to Chuckie Cheese I got to relive my childhood. My favoirte childhood games were their including skeetball and a basketball shooting game called street hoops (which I tied the high score of 159). I only ended up with 86 tickets but had a good time while conducting my “research”.

For this assignment I decided to step aside from my physical education background since most of our teaching is based on skill development through various games and practices. As I wandered through around and tried the different games one game caught my attention

After watching a few of my colleagues play Deal or No Deal I decided I would remake the game for my project (sadly without the models). The game is based on probability and averages. The contestant selects a suitcase in the hopes that it contains a million dollars. They open other cases revealing their value in the hopes that they are of low value. The more low value cases they open the more money the banker will offer them to buy their case. The probability of them actually winning a million dollars is low so most contestants have to decide when the best time to get out with the most money is. The concept of probability is very clear in the game and I hope to make it more of a focus as I remake it.








The game that i chose for Chuckie Cheese to modify was the wheel. My game is not a game that is solely based on the wheel itself but incorporates the wheel into the game. Where you see the numbers on the wheel i would instead have all different exercises for example (Bench Press, Plyometrics, 4 Mile Run ect.) All these exercises would have a different point value, I would also set up a large bulletin where i would have 3 diffrent columns listed as, Cardio Vasuclar Endurance, Muscular strength, Muscular Endurance. The students would have to spin the wheel and whatever exercise the pin landed on the student would have to take it off the wheel and post it in the column that best represents that exercise. I would explain to the students that and exercise might also have more than one benefit incorporating more than one aspect of physical Fitness but i would like them to chose the aspect that is more relevent. The more complexed the exercise the higher the point value it will be. The Students with the highest point value at the end would be the winner. This game will help students identify and learn what exercise helps improve what aspect of physical fitness.




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