Price is Right-Check Game


The Check Game: This is one of the old games on TV.  Originally, the game was known as Blank Check and the winning range was $3,000–$3,500. The range was subsequently increased to $5,000–$6,000 in February 1989, then to its current range in September 2008.  It is very simple and easy to play.  The contestant has to guess an amount and if lucky he or she will win the price money.  Let’s look at the rules and regulations.

Rules: The contestant is shown a prize and asked to write an amount on an over-sized blank check. The host will ask the contestant to guess an amount and write it on the check.  The value of the prize is then added to the amount written on the check and if the total falls between $7,000 and $8,000, the contestant wins both the prize and the cash amount of the check. If the contestant loses, the check is voided. Although the contestant keeps the check as a souvenir regardless of the outcome, it is not a negotiable instrument.

Core Mechanics: The player has to just guess an amount which may be smaller than $7000, because this amount will be added to the prize value and amount has to be between $700 and $8000.

Goal: The goal is to win the check amount and the total amount of the check amount and prize value.

this is how we played the game in class                                      

This is Anthony’s check which is voided coz he lost the game











Space:  The need some space because he can not show the amount he is holding in his hand.  Once the contestant writes the amount on the check, the host will flip the holding amount.  Then he will calculate the total and show if the contestant win or not.

Components: In  class we used 1 calculator, a pen, some over-sized check (I made them) Some piece of paper with different prize values.

Description of the mockup: As we did not have a digital board I draw the board and then ask one of my group member to guess an amount and put his name on the check.  I was holding the prize value upside down so that he can’t see it.  Once he put the amount I flipped the prize value and add them to see if he win the game.  Unfortunately no one won the game.

In my group we decided to modify the game called “The Card Game” used by Mr. Anderson and my suggestion was to limit how many times the player can choose cards because I had to pick up more than ten cards which is a little-bit too much and if I loose I will be frustrated.  So,  I think there should be a limitation of the time the player can pick up cards.  I believe this would speed the game up but also put the pressure on the player to estimate the value of the prize and make a faster decision.  Even though did not get to play the modified game I think this will enhance the game.