Course Calendar

01/02 Weds., Face-to-face, Blog Sign-up, About the Site, 1st Assignment: Why Makers in Education.

01/03 Thurs., Online, 2nd assignment: Flipping MOOCs Code Open Politics

01/04 Fri., Face-to-face, 3rd Assignment: Just a Little Something I’m Making

01/07 Mon., Face-to-face, 4th Assignment: Serendipitous Teaching and Learning

01/08 Tues., Online

01/09 Weds., Face-to-face, 5th Assignment: Tweaking the Rules of the Game

01/10 Thurs., Online, 6th Assignment: GAMEKIT – Build Your Game Design Skills

01/11 Fri., Face-to-face, 7th Assignment: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom & A K12 Digital Storytelling Assignment

01/14 Mon., Face-to-face, 8th Assignment: Educational Winner’s Wheel

01/15 Tues., Online

01/16 Weds., Face-to-face, 9th Assignment: Find Fun in Educational Games

01/17 Thurs., Online

01/18 Fri., Face-to-face, 10th Assignment: Building the Game

01/22 Tues., Online,

01/23 Weds., Face-to-face Final Meeting, 11th Assignment: The Arcade Ends


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