Making a Paper Airplane

To make a great paper airplane you fold the paper in half

Next you have to fold the top corners together

After you fold them togther you then fold the sides together

After you fold the sides together you fold them back down to the bottom of the papeer

Learning to Code

This topic consisted of data collected and research provided with a multitude of reasons why learning to code and incorporating computer system education into schools is so important. There is a lot of focus on computer programming and web site development being just as important as math, writing and reading.  I believe this trend was chosen because with the explosion of technology. Many professionals believe that there is not enough emphasis put on the education of coding, programming, or related topics. Take all the social media craze these days. between facebook, tweeter, myspace ect…the use of technology has become a cultural phenomenon.The hyperlink “Codeacademy” is one that brings you to a website which enables anybody to learn basic skills of coding. The hyperlink “Their problem solving” brings you to an article that explains that a lot of these coding engineers are doing nothing but solving computer problems and coming up with solutions to these technological hardships.  The hyperlink “shortage of programmers” illustrates how the job market today has a great demand for these type of occupations. A programmer may not be the most glorious job but it pays well and companies need them. In my opinion i do believe that there should be some sort of education when it comes to basic coding. As someone who was a computer systems and programming major and Farmingdale State University i can tell you that i absolutely hate everything about coding. i did it for one semester and ran as far away from it as i could get it. Coding is extremely tedious and very boring. I do not disagree with someones decisions to do it though it is a great paying job and many companies need these type of people. They do offer free online courses for anyone that does want to learn how to computer program.

If you are confused on what computer programming is here is a explanation!






The question is posed why we make? In this video Adam Savage talks about his friend  became a maker as well as himself as a maker. It talks about how his friend watched the movie raiders of the lost arc. In the movie Harrison ford wears a specific hat. Adam Savage says that his friend Mark Faire wanted a hat exactly like the Hat Harrison Ford had in the movie. In bought the same hat Ford had in the movie but when he put it on it didn’t look like it did on Harrison’s Fords head. Mark Faire decided that he was going to MAKE a hat that fit his head. Why is this important? This is important because this man decided that the product out their wasn’t what he wanted. He new what he wanted and decided to create it. Creating something has many benefits along with a feeling of self satisfaction and accomplishment.The best way to learn is discover and innovate. I enjoyed this video because i feel as if alot of people settle for mediocre products. Instead of settling if your unhappy with something then you should strive to create something better!

“We need to have our children create things and get their hands dirty”

Look what I made!


My name is Shaira Maqsudi, my major is Psychology/Elementary Education.  I’m hoping to move on to teaching children within a special education curriculum.

This is a great article by Mark Greenlaw on the huge progress that the Maker movement has made with kids and how it directed their curiosity towards the STEM curriculum.  Its amazing how this movement brings out the creativity in kids while incorporating it into the traditional education curriculum.  A good example is Joey Hudy’s LED cube Arduino.  (by the way, i’m getting one from his site).  The LED cube is a fun tool to teach kids about basic electric circuits and patterns.  Usually 4th graders learn about basic electric diagrams such as parallel or series circuits.  This is a great visual representation of a circuit with a bit of programming to create patterns.

Greenlaw tells us about how the Maker Faire brings out the creativity in everyone.  Kids not only contribute but also learn through collaboration with fellow students.  It seemed like a learning experiencing for both students and educators alike.

I’ve had an opportunity to collaborate with amazing people this year since being introduced to the Maker community and what struck me with each new introduction was how intelligent, creative, committed and authentic each of these amazing people are, and how much I enjoyed working with them and having my own eyes opened to the joy of Making and Maker Faire.  I’ve rekindled the Maker in me, having done a fair amount of woodworking, motorcycle repair, and bicycle repair growing up (I was a bicycle mechanic all through college). Cognizant’s Making the Future article


students and their projects, from the blog