Find Fun in Educational Games

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by jovike

We’ve been messing with games for a few days now having looked at the Price Is Right, The Institute of Play’s GAMEKIT, and Chuck E Cheese games. We’ve also thought about how to change the mechanics and rules of a game and test these changes to see how they affect play.

Now it’s time to apply some game mechanics and rules to a traditional lesson plan for your K-12 classroom. I want you to find a traditional lesson that you’ve created or modified from other lesson plans and present it in a post. The lesson can ask your student to do anything such as write, draw, drill & skill, make a diorama, whatever.

Next choose a part of the lesson and apply game like mechanics and rules. Pick different parts and see which ones seem more ‘playable.’ Once you’ve selected some, build a mockup of the game and play it with a partner.

In your blog post be sure to include the following:

  1. Detail a traditional lesson for a particular piece of knowledge that you would have students use in your K-12 classroom. Provide source links if appropriate.
  2. Choose at least two parts of the lesson and apply so game play ideas. Detail what mechanics and rules you created.
  3. Create a mockup of the now ‘playable’ lesson and test it with a partner(s). Be sure to document the mockup with photos/video and feedback from the players.
  4. Modify the mechanics and rules based on the feedback and replay. Do this at least three or four iterations of the game and document them.