Dress Up Your Food !

My K-12 Visual / Design lesson is age appropriate for 3rd or 4th grade elementary students.  The lesson would revolve around nutrition and healthy eating, particularly fruits and vegetables.  Students will learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and proper daily intake.  After the lecture part of the lesson students would be able to dress up their favorite fruit or vegetable via a graphics editing program such as PhotoshopExpress.  Students will be encouraged to dress up their food any way they would like, i.e. favorite athlete, singer, actor, etc.

My Photoshop apple.

Students can be asked to print their pictures and write a short paragraph on the nutritional value of their chosen fruit or vegetable.

I have never used Photoshop Express before and I found it to be very user friendly and is a program that elementary children could also use.  I would like to try the full version of the software.  I believe this lesson would be both fun and informative for elementary level children.

Digital Storytelling


For our DS106 assignments, I chose to do the visual assignments part ( Caption That). I was able to find this cute picture from Google search and then edited it from Photoshop Express. It allowed me to add text to my imagine and also work with the contrast and brightening of the picture. I did not know much about editing photographs, as I was working  on this part of my assignment- I was also learning the different techniques on how to edit pictures, add bubbles, frame etc.  Photoshop express will definitely be my to go site when I will need to work on editing photographs. At first it was hard to grasp the understanding of the website but after playing around with it- it became a lot easier to use.

Learning objective for K12 would be how the kids can be creative and make a story or conversation from a still picture. Finding a picture from the web and them being able to create a story around it.  They would all be given a certain amount of time period and the tools to complete their assignment.  I think they would all really enjoy doing this if given full explanation and an example of their assignment. For example- I found a picture of a girl and a penguin and tried to make a conversation about it. To modify the assignment, the kids will have to find two pictures and then use their creative minds to make a story to link two different pictures together. This would allow them to explore more and help become better critical thinkers.


For the second part of our assignment, I chose to do a video (Inanimate motion). Making inanimate motion video was a lot harder than I had thought it would be. First I thought of the script and which toys I would have to use. I went over to my cousins house and used the toys they had. We took pictures step by step trying to make the script work. Taking pictures of every move and putting it all together to make it seem like they are actually moving took me some time. I had to fix the timing and put it all together. Windows Live Movie Maker helped me a lot in completing my assignment.

Learning objective for K12- how to bring creative thoughts into a video. Students can write a short story first and then based on it would have to make a video. They can either use their toys or draw pictures of their choice in order to play out the story they wrote. This would also help modify the original assignment. I learned how to use the video media to make a video with using just pictures. I learned when making video using pics, timing is very important, because with each photographs- it is a movement in the video. It took me a lot of tries and a lot of photo shots to get it just right.

Overall, this assignment helped me acquire skills I did not think I had. I love photography but never really worked with editing them. I made videos but did not know how to edit them either. I was able to learn a lot from this and the tools used gave me a better understanding of how to be able to use them correctly.



DS 106 Visual/Video


For my Visual Assignment i found a picture of Mitt Romney and then Added the text. The site that allowed me to add the bubble textbighugelabs.com. I thought this was funny because it contradicts the knowledge of this man who ran for President.

The lesson i would create to incorporate DS106 is asking my students to create a visual photo while also adding text. The reason i would do this is so the students could gain experience resizing images, uploading images and learning to add text to images. I feel as if this is an important tool for students to learn in order to be successful with future projects they may encounter. Above you can see my photo that i added text to. I believe the students would respond well to this assignment. Due to the sudden boom in  technology students are becoming much more technologically advanced at a younger age. I think this assignment students would flourish.

The Audio Part of my Assignment i would have students record and edit their voice. This will help students familiarize them self with Garage band. I would ask the students to record them self spelling 5 words they are unable to currently spell. I would have students do this because certain students may learn better using auditory skills. Replaying this audio recording would help students learn how to correctly spell the words they chose. Unfortunately i am unable to demonstrate this audio recording because i do not have a MAC computer.