Lets twist it up

As a teacher I think some of these assignments on DS106. I would use Design assignment, Messing with the MacGuffin to create a assignment geard towards 3rd grade class. Where they would take their favorite book. Look through the book and find a picture and find something about the story they would change. Preferably a line that the character says. Have them change that line, I wold let them know that whatever line they changed needed to alter the storyline. This would be a assignment I would use to explain storyline and plot. I would use a fairy tale picture as my example.

Now, this would only be part one of the assignment part 2 would be for them to them re write the story using the twist they added to the story.  Then I would have them record their revised story for everyone else to hear. Here is my story


This would be a lesson I would use to explain storyline and elements of a story.

This assignment didn’t take too long to create, the picture I used a google image and then I used roflbot to add the text to the picture. Then I found my storybook, Disney’s Storybook Collection and used the Snow White and the seven dwarfs story. When I got to the part of the story with the poison apple I wrote down the ending that i created adding my twist.

Then I recorded myself telling the story using Vocaroo. to record the story then I saved the recording and added the link to my post.

I think the students would love this assignment. It allows them to use their imagination. I think I would alter this assignment maybe allowing them to used it to change history. Allowing them to pick a point in history they could change or alter. I think that would be exciting for them.

From Playing to Learning: Taking DS106 to the Classroom

For a little bit now, we’ve been toying and adventuring with digital storytelling.

DS106 plays a role in moving learning away from being teacher-centered. Being crafty with kids is something I’m great at. I’m around two little girls, my nieces, all the time so I always see them creating something new. Sometimes, I really wonder where they pull these ideas from. Something my niece Nylah had to do for homework recently gave me the perfect idea for a visual assignment.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to identify the different types of emotions.

What different types of emotions exist and which are some you may have seen around you lately?

For this assignment, the students will cut out pictures from magazines, with the help of a guardian, of different emotions and make a collage. Next to each picture, it is the student’s job to write what emotion they think the picture is illustrating.This focuses on the emotional aspect of health since I am majoring in Health Education K-12. I actually had the opportunity to help Nylah with this assignment and she was great at identifying the emotions. Not only that, but it was fun because of the craft component.

Although I don’t have a visual of this exact example, I have a photo of another assignment. This could be one modification to suit another topic.

A-Z Photo Collage

This assignment can help with two things. It can help children become more familiar with their alphabet and it could also introduce them to different types of foods that are good for them. For this assignment, I would ask the students, again with some help, to find foods, fruits, herbs or vegetables to represent each letter and put it together in a collage in alphabetical order.

My assignments will allow my kids to be creative and put their own twist into their artwork. The collage can represent some of their favorite things they like to eat. It is easy for them to make the assignment about them. As long as the assignment is being done and the objectives are being learned, I see no harm in having it be fun.


Leraning Objective: Students will be able to identify and explain some of the risk factors, dangers and negative consequences associated with poor dieting, and the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

I would make this an audio assignment where students will create a warning message. This assignment would target an audience like high school students where as the visual assignment would satisfy younger grade levels. I think this will make the lesson enjoyable and fun.


I used iMovie for the video assignment.  This lesson will be based on identifying the landmarks all over the world.  In my video, I used world famous landmarks and I would give the students different parts of the world based on the locations, tourist attractions, famous places in history and the students assignment would be to identify and specify the location of these landmarks.


How this video was created:

I went to google.com image search and looked for images of famous landmarks around the world.

Opened the iMovie program

I selected new project from the menu

I selected the template for my movie

I then dragged the photos into the template and edited some titles.

I gave my project a name and saved it

From the share menu on iMovie, I selected youtube and uploaded the video to my channel and shared it from there.

I was not able to put a song or theme to it, so the students will be bored by this video and probably will fall asleep in class when watching it.

Lessons to byte into!

I used photovisi for my K-12 visual assignment.  It’s a photo collage service where you just need to upload your photos and the template, then download it.  I made a collage on community workers.  This is appropriate for children in kindergarten since they have a community helpers unit in this grade.  Instead of coloring workers in books, I thought that taking actual pictures of them or cutting them out of magazines and putting it together in a collage with the children would be more fun for them.  These are different jobs in our community that children are familiar with.

How I created this collage:

  1. I went to google.com image search and looked for pictures of community workers, e.g. police, fire fighters, etc. and saved them on my desktop.
  2.  I went to www.photovisi.com and selected a template style
  3. Once I selected the template, I added my photos
  4. Once the pictures appeared on the collage, I resized and moved them around.
  5. I then clicked finished and downloaded the collage
I’ve never used photovisi but the instructions were pretty straightforward.  It was easy to use.
I used iMovie for my video assignment.  This lesson will be based on identifying animals that belong to a particular habitat.  In my example, I used the rainforest.   I would give them a region of the world based on its climate and their assignment would be identify the various forms of life that inhabit that area.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMOpDfX89f8[/youtube]

How I created this video:

  1. I went to google.com image search and looked for pictures of animals in the rainforest and saved it.
  2. Opened the iMovie program
  3. I selected new project from the menu
  4. I selected the template for my movie
  5. I then dragged the photos into the template
  6. I gave my project a name and saved it
  7. From the share menu on iMovie, I selected youtube and uploaded the video

iMovie was fun and simple to use.  It gave you step by step instructions.


Technical Ways of Learning

I used Photoshop to adjust this painting known as the American Gothic by Grant Wood. I added a couple of details to this painting such as the fat cat as the mans’ head, a thinking cloud, and text inside it to show what the lady is thinking. Putting this all together was a first for me and I was impressed by how many alterations can be made with just a few clicks. This visual assignment really put my imagination to work which is important for students. It can also be applied to a History junior high school classroom because students can choose a historical painting and implement their interpretation of it. Most students will definitely have fun with this activity because they will also be learning the actual significance behind the painting and how it impacted history.



For this video assignment I chose a word of my interest, Fashion, and I explained my point of view of this word through storytelling such as gathering pictures to describe my definition of Fashion. To create this video I used Windows’ Movie Maker program. Editing the music I added to the video was a bit challenging, but also interesting since I don’t use this program often. I was pleased with the final result of this video because I got my definition across as I wanted. This video assignment stood out the most to me because I enjoy expressing myself and I figured this was a form of sharing how I view Fashion.

The ds106 visual and video assignments are fun teaching techniques and they require manipulation skills of digital tools. These types of assignments foster understanding through storytelling. I learned that using digital tools can be pretty challenging, but also exciting because you’re creating it your way and adding your own twists to lessons.

Remix the President – Audio K-12

Artist Depiction of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]http://soundcloud.com/mike-sammarco/gettysburg-address-remix[/soundcloud]

My audio K-12 assignment is “Remix Your Favorite Presidential Speech”.  No student wants to go home and read a speech written in 1863, but if the assignment is to remix the speech with their favorite beat students just may pay attention, and dare I say learn!

I believe this assignment would be great for a junior high history class.  Students would have to remix a historic presidential speech and write a short summary on its significance to American history.

I created this masterpiece with GarageBand.  I recorded my voice and put threw an effect on top.  I then added an AppleLoops beat and keys.  The GarageBand program is very easy to use and most students may already know how to manipulate the program.

My Grammy nomination is probably already in the mail.  😉 Enjoy!

President Obama and Mitt Romney Celebrating Christmas Together


For the audio or video category I made a funky greeting card using this website called Card Funk and I had a lot fun doing it.  I thought when I embed the video link, it is going to show the animated video but unfortunately it does not.  Please click on the link and it will take you to the site and you have to click play.  It will show who created this card (which is me).  In this animated card I made Obama and Michel Obama, Romney and Ann Romney celebrating X-mas together.  I chose these character to show that whatever happens; whoever wins or loses the election, we should work together to build our nation.  After all this is our country.  I hope you like it.


K – 12 assignments… Famous Last Words and Exercise Demo

Visual assignment

‘Famous Last Words’

For this assignment I want students to think of a historical figure, do a internet search for an image of this figure and create a meme in which the person expresses their last words. When thinking of what this person’s last words could be use the basis of what they were known for and accomplished in their lifetime.

The learning objective of this assignment is to research a historical figure and their impact on this world.  Through this research the student is to then reflect on what this persons last words to the world would be.  From this assignments student learn in depth on a historical figure and how they effected history also they will put themselves in that person’s shoes by thinking what that person’s last words may be.


Theodore Roosevelt

Also in this assignment I would have students give a brief explanation as to why they think this person would say what they said.  As for Theodore Roosevelt, he was a man that believed in a life of hard work, strength and toil as the only means to achievement.


Video Assignment

’60 Second Exercise Demo’

This assignment is designed with physical education in mind, I want students to record a 60 second video of themselves demonstrating a particular exercise.  Students can choose any exercise they want and in the video students must: 1 – introduce the exercise (equipment, positioning, technique, etc.), 2 – Demonstrate a few reps of the exercise, 3 – Explain the muscles worked and the benefits of the exercise.

The learning objective of this exercise is to not only encourage students to be active but to know the effect of the exercises they are doing.  I want students to be knowledgeable enough in the exercise they are performing that they can teach it to others.  This is a great assignment for teenagers as it encourages exercise and allows them to implement technology which will engage them both mentally & physically in a PE unit.


After this assignment I would encourage students to reflect on their work, what went well, what went wrong or how they would do it again.  As in the case of my video I would try to eliminate background noise and be more specific with how to perform the exercise.  I enjoyed the assignment, just need to tighten the video up.  Overall I think this would be a cool assignment for adolescents as it fosters independence and a dedication to their health & fitness.  They can learn from the assignment and help others learn from it too.



DS106 Styled Assignments For K-12 Learning

In this post, I write about two assigments that I created for K-12 Math classrooms using DS106 website ideas. The first assignment I named “Caption Your Geo” and the second,  “Record Your Math”.

Caption Your Geo’s main learning objective is to help students remember the area of geometric figures. This assignment requires the students to: 1) search online for the image of a geometric figure.  2) add captions to the image denoting the name and ‘formula of the area’ of the geometric figure. 3) send the resultant image via e-mail to their teacher so he or she can share it in class through a powerpoint presentation.  Here is an example of this assignment I created using GIMP:

The second assigment, “Record Your Math”, requires students to record the steps of solving a specific mathematics problem using an audio program and sending a copy of the file to the teacher. The learning objective of this assignment is to enhance student’s learning. Most students have a better understanding of what they learn when they explain it to others. For example, if a student chooses to talk about the steps of adding or substracting like fractions and uses the Audacity and SoundCloud platforms to create and share his or her recording, then their explanation should sound similar to this:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]https://soundcloud.com/yitongliton/add-sublikefractions1[/soundcloud]


Visual and Audio New Media assigments are very useful in the classrooms. They help enhance students learning by helping them focus in a specific activity. At the same time, these assignments can be fun for students.