Choose the two numbers , then fan out four cards with the answer as part of the choice. The cards i used were

  • Diamond 6
  • Diamond 4
  • And gave the answers 8,9,5,10


The child at this point can learn to see numbers and count them using a pack of cards. Everyone has a pack a cards some where at home, so its a fun and new way to help your child or student with simple addition.


Examine the deck of cards and eliminate , the Jack, the Queen, the King and Ace. This game is sutiable for one or two players.

GOAL: The goal of this game is to help children build their math skills with simple and easy accessed items.

TEST: I played this game with my Niece, she was able to add all the numbers and use the visual to help her add. I played about three different games with her and she had fun.

GAMEKIT.beta: Towers of Dubai

For my GAMEKIT, I went with the Find Play in Things model.


The materials are pretty simple. A pair of different color die, and a bunch of coins.

Exploring Activities
While messing around with the materials, I wound up doing a lot of stacking. People seem to like holding the worlds tallest building title, so that’s why I decided to call the game The Towers of Dubai (at over half a mile high, Dubai currently has the tallest building in the world), and pretended these coins were buildings. 

Proof that people love being the highest builder.

Core Activity
The gameplay is driven by the luck of the die. The green dice here determines the type of coin in play: 1 = penny, 2 = nickel, 3 = dime, 4 = quarter, 5 & 6 = skip turn.  The white dice determines the number of coins in play, so G3W5 would mean 5 dimes are in play.


  1. If your tower falls, the fallen coins are out of the game, and the other player keeps them. Forever.
  2. If a certain denomination of coin runs out, the corresponding number on the green dice becomes a skip.
  3. If a certain denomination of coin is less than what the white dice calls for, just use them all.
  4. No adjusting your tower to make it more stable.

Stack as many coins as you can before the community pot of coins runs out. Get rich.

Play test
Surprisingly, even with free money up for grabs, I had to demo this game pretending to be two people. Here’s a run through:


P.E. Chess

For the GameKit Assignment I will be modifying one of the oldest board games – Chess.


I shall pick Chess.  Chess is a great game but there is not much physical activity involved, so I decided to make one of the oldest games more physical.


The game play and movements of the pieces shall remain the same (students should learn how to play chess the correct way).  What will change is the value of each piece.  Here’s what I mean:  Pawns = 20 Jumping Jacks, Knights = 20 Lunges, Bishops = 30 crunches, Rooks = 25 Scissor Kicks, Queens = 25 Push-ups, King = 50 Push-ups


The goal is to capture the opposing player’s King and capture as many opposing pieces in order to make your opponent perform physical activities.


Each piece has a corresponding physical activity, ex: Pawn = 20 Jumping Jacks, Knight = 20 push-ups, etc.. If a chess piece is killed/captured the owner of that piece must perform the physical activity.


Follow traditional chess rules.  When a piece is captured by your opponent you must perform the corresponding physical activity.


I played P.E. Chess with my girlfriend and we had a lot of fun.  It played out well and we were able to workout our minds and body.




Playing With Colors!

Step 1: Gather Materials

First, I constructed a trail from start to finish on a sheet of paper. I used colorful post-its and cut them up to create small squares and rectangles. Then I laminated everything with clear tape. As game pieces, I decided to use foam beads because they come in different colors, shapes, and are light to move around the board. At the side of the board, I taped an arrow to the table so it can point to the color the spinner lands on. To make the spinner I cut a circle out of paper (a paper plate can also be used) and glued 6 different colors at the sides, forming a hexagon.

Step 2: Explore Activities

Assign rules to the colors on the spinner. Color gets selected by arrow and a trail is created by sorting colors in a pattern. The arrow can be attached to the center of the spinner and it can assign directions for the player to follow to get closer to the finish line.

Step 3: Pick One Core Activity

The main core activity is spinning the paper plate spinner because it determines your next step in the game. It chooses a color which designates a move to do next.

Step 4: Pick A Goal

The main goal of this game is to reach the finish line of the trail by gaining the most steps foward. Throughout the game there are chances given to gain a bonus and achieve higher levels.

Step 5: Create Rules

The rules for this game are to spin the spinner and the color the arrow is pointing to is the trail step your foam bead moves to. Each color is assigned a different value; Red gives you the chance to move 2 steps forward, Green allows you to move to the next green step, Orange means moving backwards 2 spaces, Yellow means move 5 spaces foward, Pink means move to the middle of the trail, and Blue lets you move to the following 2 blue steps. If the spinner lands on the color your foam bead was already on, then you gain a bonus by getting the chance to spin again. Everything depends on the color chosen by the spinner!

Step 6: Play Test Your Game

When I first played this game I found it to be very fun because it’s a game of chance and it takes interesting turns. The incorporation of colors and their significance make this game entertaining. When I tried implementing a couple of changes such as skipping turns depending on the color, the game got a bit more challenging because you can lose many points. Another change I added was decreasing the number of color choices which also made the game trickier since there was a less chance of getting the color you need to advance. But overall I view it as an enjoyable game.

Lets Play Sequencial Order

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • One deck of 54 playing card (including 2 jokers)
  • a 10 sided die

Step 2: Assign one material to strategy and one to luck

Deck of playing cards >>>Strategy

10 sided die >>> Luck

~I made the cards the strategy because I like card games and throught there was more room for strategic expression with card. I made the dice random because rolling a die is a random action so it made sense.

Step:3: Craft a core mechanic around choice

 First thing is you need to know the Order of Cards

After that, the rules about the Jokers (Wild cards)

These cards are used anytime during the game and allow the next player to put down any card they choose as long as the card is the same color as the wild card. ex. if the wild card is red the next player can only play a dimond or a heart. If the wild card is black the player can only play a spade or a club.  

Now lets see a demo of the game (keep in mind the demo isn’t a whole game just explain some rules and giving you an idea of how to play) :

~ I choose the idea for putting the cards in order from the game ‘Bullshit”. This is a game where you put the card in order face down and if you think the person is lying about the card you put down you say “bullshit” if the person i lying they have t take the deck of cards but if you were wrong you have to take the deck of cards. I based my game on the idea of order.

Step 4: Disrupt your core mechanic with randomness

To create randomness I incorporated a 10 sided die into the game. When the player can not go and have to draw the die is thrown to tell them how many cards to draw from the deck.

Demo of how this works:

~ I decided to implement chance in the game this way becuase I didn’t really know how else to do it.

Step 5: Pick a goal

The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand. The first person to do this before all of the other players playing is the winner.

~ I made this the goal because , like the game it was based on, the goal is to ge rid of all your cards.

Step 6: Playtest your game

I played the game with my dad. Here it is:



What is fun about the game? Not fun?

~ I enjoyed playing the game because learning how to strategically place you cards in order, in order to get rid of the most cards in one turn is really fun. I would say the original form of the game wasn’t so fun because having to draw one card at a time from the deck seemed to make the game go on forever. By adding the die you are using the randomness to cause the game to progress faster make it more fun.

What would you do to change the game? Why?

~ I wouldn’t change the game however, when I played the game with my dad he found something he would change. He didnt like the name of the game. He didnt think it was a good title for a card game. I don’t really have another name for it and my dad was no help but I wouldn’t change the game bacause I feel like its not too complicated once you get the hang of it and its quite fun.

I hope you guys enjoyed my game. I encourage all to try it and if you have any changes you would like to add please leave a comment I want to hear from you.










Russian Checkers

Modifying a board game

Russian checkers


I will be modifying the board game checkers.


For this game I added dices and points to the game to be more interesting and exciting.


To get more points and king mates than the other opponent.


Players will get a chance to roll their dice and the one with the higher number goes first.


If your dice has a higher number then you go first, and so for each turn. But when you have a chance to eat your opponent and you chose not or didn’t notice it, then your opponent takes away that piece. Once king, you can fly from the space your on to the other side.


I played this game against my mother who taught me about the russian version of checkers  and with my new rules and adaptation to the game, she still managed to beat me twice. My friends on the other hand weren’t as good and also we place bets to make the game more exciting.

Battleship Redux and Remixed


Step 1-Pick a board game to modify
The board game I chose to modify is Battleship because it’s one of my favorite board games to play for as long as I can remember.

Step 2-Think of new ways to play on the board
Bowls containing pieces of paper with coordinates

Step 3-Pick a new goal for the game
The goal of the game is exactly the same as the original – to sink all of the other players’ ships.

Step 4-Create a new core mechanic
Players will get a chance to pick a coordinate from the bowl.  By modifying the mechanics of the game, it becomes a game of random luck rather than skill and strategy.

Step 5-Modified rules of the game
Set up the game as per the original directions.  Once the ships are in place (each player may place the ships where they choose), the players have 2 bowls next to them.  The first bowl contains pieces of paper with “coordinates”.  e.g. H-4, B-3

The first player, instead of calling out coordinates for his missle strike, will do the following…

1. Draw a piece of paper from the first bowl with the coordinates.
2. Read the coordinates out loud.  (e.g. D-6)
3. The other player will place a “hit (red) missile” or “miss (white) missile” on that location.
4. The paper that was drawn will be placed in the other bowl. (to prevent each player from drawing the same coordinates)

This is repeated by each player until all the ships of the opposing player has been hit.

*Having a “hunch” or knowing exactly where the other player places their ships has no advantage.  Peek all you want.


Step 6-Play test your game
By modifying this game, I was able to play it with my five year old daughter and I didn’t have an advantage due to skill or strategy because she won!  She understood that she won due to the coordinates that she drew from the bowl rather than being allowed to win.  The reason I chose to simplify the game is because it gives younger (4-6 year old) players a chance to win when playing against older players.  The original rules of the game were still a little tough for her to comprehend.  The random nature of the new rules makes it a bit more fun to play against someone less skilled or much younger than yourself.

Have Fun!

Modifying The Card Game: Crazy Eight

Since I get the assignment of GAMEKIT- Build Your Game Design Skill I brainstorm to modify a card game and guess what I just modified the called Crazy Eight which is one of my favorite game.  I made it little more easier and little more challenging and little more fun.  In my modification the winner gets an egg as prize. Isn’t it funny  ;).  Here is the link of the original game of Crazy Eight.  Even thought there are more modification of this game I like mine the most.

The Modified Value and Power of The  Cards:  The value of the cards are Kings=13, Queen=12, Jack=11, Ace=1 and the rest has the same value they have such as a 10=10 , 9=9… like this..  In my modification I gave all the Jacks the power to command. For example If one player has a Jack, he can play this card on the ground at any time he wants and will command the other player to play the card he wants or needs to finish or the card he has the most to finish them up.  The power of Twos remains the same which is if one player plays a 2 of any cards the next player has to draw 2 cards, but if the next player has a different color 2 than he will play it and the next player has to draw (2*2=4) 4 cards. In the same way if the next person has another color 2, then the next player has to draw (3*2=6) 6 cards.  In worst case if there are 4 players than the player who puts the first 2 will have to pick up 8 cards if every one has a Two.  In the original game the Queens are played to stop the next player, but I gave this power to Aces.  For example if I play an Ace the player next to me will  be stopped (he cannot play a card).  Here comes my another modification.  When a player is stopped he or she has to role one dice and if can score six he will be able to play a card, but if can’t score a six he has to wait until the next round to role the dice again.  He will not be able to play until he score a six.  Other player will continue to play.  In the original game it’s not like this.  In the original the stopped player is able to play in the next round.  In the original Aces are played to reverse the direction becoming anticlockwise if it had been clockwise, or vice versa. I deleted this reverse part of the game because I don’t think it makes a different.

The Goal: The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards.  Start with larger cards and keep the lower cards and try to finish all the cards faster than other players.  If you can finish all the cards you win.  In my modification if you win you will get an egg 😉

I am drawing 2 cards coz the player before me just throw a 2 and I don’t have a black 2.

Here I am drawing 4 cards coz the 2 player before me put 2 Twos and I don’t have another one 🙁 poor me….

The modified Rules:  We need more than 2 players.  It could be 4, 5 or 6 players.  If there are 5 or 6 players the initially given card will have to be less, I will say 6.  We were 4 players, me, my brother, my sister and my husband.  After shuffling the card each player gets 8 eight cards and 1 card will be on the ground open so that players can see it and the rest of the 19 cards will be left upside down. In the original game one player is chosen to draw the card for the first time, but in my modification each player will role 3 dice and who ever score the highest will start the game and play the first card.  I did this to add luck in to the game.  Now let’s say the open card on the ground is 8 of Hearts.  The first player will look the cards in his hand and check for all the cards of hearts and will try to get rid of the highest card he has.  If the player do not have any card of heart, then he will then check  (in this case which is 8) if he has a  different color of 8 .  If he has it he will put it on the open card.  But if he does not have any, he will then pick up a new card from the rest (19 card). If he gets a card of heart he can use it and if its a different card he’ll have to keep it and the next player will throw his card.(the next player must continue with the open card) In the original game It has to be 8 to change the color, but in my modification it does not have to 8, you can change the color of any card if you have a different color but the same number.  In the original game there is a rule that the player has to alert the other players when you have just one card left and If you fail to do so you must draw cards (usually two) from the stock as a penalty.  In my modification the player has to alert the other player when he has two cards saying Last Two and the last card can not be a command card (Jack).  If he fail to do that he has to draw a card as penalty.

A black king can be changed with a red King. Any card can be changed like this, such as a black 3 can be changed with a red 3

One player played Jack and commanded us to play Clubs, so I just Get rid of the King. 😀

I stopped next player to play by playing Ace and the player rolled one dice and he was lucky and score six and played the highest card he had.










If the extra cards from where players draw cards, finished then we leave the last card and take all the cards and shuffle them and draw from there.

Leave the last played card and shuffle the rest and draw from there to continue the game.

Strategies:  The players has to try to remember what cards other players don’t have when they draw cards and if one player declared that the Last Two and other player has a command card (Jack), he can then play Jack and Command to play the card that player do not have.  For example, If I see that the player next to me does not have hearts and drew cards then I should try to remember (do the same with other players) that and if the same player declared the Last Two, and I have a Command card, Then I can command to play Hearts, so that that player has to draw a new card.  Try to keep the Twos if you get it; don’t give them away in the beginning of the game, so that you don’t have to draw 2 cards when a player play a Two.  You can then just play another color Two and avoid drawing 2 or 4 cards.

This is how we played the Modified crazy Eight game.  We played this game a lot of time and made changes.  It was really fun.  Yesterday we slept at 2 o’clock in the morning because we had so much fun playing this.  I lost most of the time. My husband won most of the time, but he decided not to eat more than 1 egg per day, so we kept the egg for the next day.  You must try to play my modified version.  Trust me its more fun and more easy and challenging at the same time.


Snakes and Ladders with a Twist



I will be modifying the board game- Snakes and Ladders. The original rules and materials for this game is listed here.


I will be using UNO cards and trivia questions (questions can vary depending on who’s playing) in order to play this game.


The goal of the game of the game remains the same- try to reach to the 100th step before your opponent.


Players will get a chance to roll their die and draw an UNO card and also have to answer a trivia question.


If you role a 1 or 6 on the die. You are eligible to draw a card from the UNO deck and  one of the team player will pick up a trivia question to ask you. If you don’t give the correct answer- your turn gets skipped.

If the card is a number you can move that amount of steps right then


If your card is a reverse card, you have to go back the steps you rolled on the dice


If your card is a wild card, you can role again


If your card is a draw 4 or draw 2, you can use that against an opponent making the opponent go back 2 or 4 depending on the card drawn


If your card is a skip card, then you remain where you are and your turn gets skipped.


My best friend and I played this game yesterday since it was only the two of us, the game took some time. I wasn’t getting much in having to draw “draw 4 or even a 2”- it was him who would get them the most and of course I would have to go back the steps and the most annoying part was when moving back and landing on a snake! -_- which would lead me to do down another 10-20 steps. The game was very fun to play but I just wish I had better luck in playing so.

I used to play snakes and ladders with my friends when I was younger. When I got the project to modify a game, snakes and ladder jumped in my head right away because it is my favorite board game. First I thought of adding playing cards to it, but the playing cards were simple and I could not add much to the game with them. Then I thought of the UNO cards, because the UNO cards have many more variety of cards involved I was able to add more twist into the game. The game was more fun with the new twists using the UNO cards. It got harder because you would never know which card you would draw; the cards can be your friend or your enemy.

We played the game again using trivia questions, it became a lot harder since it was not just based on luck anymore. This time around I won 😀 I was able to answer most of the trivia questions correctly which lead me to moving on with my moves on snakes and ladder. The trivia questions adds more fun to the game. I suggest you should give this game a try and see how you like it!

Bottle Cap Foosball

For this activity, I brainstormed using objects at my job, I searched for items and thought of games I could build with them. I first thought of paper football and foosball, with those two games in mind I started to have ideas then began to look for and select items.  Using paper cups, popsicle sticks, a bottlecap, a quarter, two big bottles and a simple set of rules/scoring system I came up with a pretty cool game that is strategic, educational, challenging and also made time fly while at work.

Step 1

Gather 6 paper cups, 2 big bottles, a quarter, a popsicle stick and a bottle cap

Step 2

Align the cups in a formation similar to foosball and position the two bottles as a goal

Step 3

The player will then spin the quarter behind a designated line and where ever the quarter stops is where the player must shoot the bottlecap from

Step 4

The player will then try to strike the bottlecap through the goal using the popsicle stick

Step 5

Depending on whether the quarter lands on heads or tails, the player will have 3 shots if it lands heads and only 2 shots if it lands tails

Goals of the Game

To be the first player to score 5 points


1. The player must spin the quarter from behind a designated line and where ever quarter stops this is where they will shoot the bottle cap from

2. If the quarter lands heads player will get 3 shots, if the quarter lands tails player will get 2 shots

3. If the bottle cap hits a cup player loses 1 point, if bottle cap goes off table player loses 2 points and their turn

4. Player gets 2 point for a goal

5. Player cannot touch cup with hand or loses a turn

6. First player to 5 wins

Scoring System

Each player starts at Zero, +2 point for a goal, -1 point if bottle cap hits cup, -2 points if bottle cap goes off table, first player to 5 wins, flip of coin decide who starts

Bottle Cap Foosball Video Demo

This is a quick video of my buddy who scored in two shots pretty easy but as we played the game it was kind of challenging as we hit the cups a bunch of times or the cap went off the table.  With the scoring system it was a back and forth battle for the winner to reach 5 and with the negative point system as well it introduced a sort of tricky math element in keeping track of score.  With an option of 2 or 3 shots, the design and the scoring system there was a need for strategic comprehension and mathematic comprehension involved. It was cool game that both kids and adults can play.


Game Modification

In modifying the game we decided to tape pospsicle sticks to the bottom of the cups which made it more difficult to navigate the course

In modifying the rules we decided to make a rule that if the cap hits one of the sticks you would have to reshoot from the beginning and also lose a shot

These modifications made the game more challenging and forced us to play more controlled and strategic

Tape posicle sticks to the bottom of the cups


Try getting through the course with out hitting the new obstacles

Use strategy when determining how to get through the course (how many shots and how hard or soft to hit the cap) 

Thoughts on the game experience

Overall the game was pretty fun in terms of design, strategy and consequense of how you hit the cap and where it landed.  The game was creative and flowed well, it offered a lot of room for modifications or changes which forced us to keep thinking. Overall we enjoyed the whole process and really didnt find any negatives.  By making changes it made the game more challenging and really was something to think about.