I used iMovie for the video assignment.  This lesson will be based on identifying the landmarks all over the world.  In my video, I used world famous landmarks and I would give the students different parts of the world based on the locations, tourist attractions, famous places in history and the students assignment would be to identify and specify the location of these landmarks.


How this video was created:

I went to image search and looked for images of famous landmarks around the world.

Opened the iMovie program

I selected new project from the menu

I selected the template for my movie

I then dragged the photos into the template and edited some titles.

I gave my project a name and saved it

From the share menu on iMovie, I selected youtube and uploaded the video to my channel and shared it from there.

I was not able to put a song or theme to it, so the students will be bored by this video and probably will fall asleep in class when watching it.

Technical Ways of Learning

I used Photoshop to adjust this painting known as the American Gothic by Grant Wood. I added a couple of details to this painting such as the fat cat as the mans’ head, a thinking cloud, and text inside it to show what the lady is thinking. Putting this all together was a first for me and I was impressed by how many alterations can be made with just a few clicks. This visual assignment really put my imagination to work which is important for students. It can also be applied to a History junior high school classroom because students can choose a historical painting and implement their interpretation of it. Most students will definitely have fun with this activity because they will also be learning the actual significance behind the painting and how it impacted history.



For this video assignment I chose a word of my interest, Fashion, and I explained my point of view of this word through storytelling such as gathering pictures to describe my definition of Fashion. To create this video I used Windows’ Movie Maker program. Editing the music I added to the video was a bit challenging, but also interesting since I don’t use this program often. I was pleased with the final result of this video because I got my definition across as I wanted. This video assignment stood out the most to me because I enjoy expressing myself and I figured this was a form of sharing how I view Fashion.

The ds106 visual and video assignments are fun teaching techniques and they require manipulation skills of digital tools. These types of assignments foster understanding through storytelling. I learned that using digital tools can be pretty challenging, but also exciting because you’re creating it your way and adding your own twists to lessons.

Visual Learning Fun and Games

Cartoon You (Design Assignment)

I used this picture to alter because I thought it would look amazing in cartoon form. I ididn’t use the traditional cartoon version I used a different style one:

Original picture

I used to alter the picture. I explored with first creating a cartoon version with the cartoonize feature. Once I did that I began to expore other changes that the site offered. I played with the tinting and color. I sharpened the the image and even added text. I enjoyed using this digital tool and when I got the hang of it I really explored all the possibilities. This is what I created:

Cartoon Me

A Word…. A Picture…. A Story (Video Assignment)

I came up with a list of 9 words to create a story with.I wanted to make a story based on love. so the words I chose were:

boy, girl, fall in love, pregnancy, fight, baby, make-up, family, happily ever after

Next, I went on google to find a picture to represent each of the words I came up with. The last step is to make a video using the pictures Here is my video:


I use Imovie to create the video. I had never used the program before so I learned a lot. I learned how to import clips, create new clips, selecting a theme for the video, and lengthing the each clip. After I did that I added transition clips to make the video flow better. After I did that I was ready to view the video and finalize the project. After that I up loaded the video to youtube. I liked that I did this project because I learned how to use a video editing program and I think it will benefit me later on.




10a.m. – Digital Storytelling Time!

I chose the DS106 design assignment: The Ultimate Merger.

For this assignment create a logo in which you combine two famous logos.

I’m sure you can tell something is wrong with this photo, can you?

“Just Do It” is the short, snappy slogan for Nike. I decided to blend the Nike slogan to the Adidas brand logo. If you didn’t know, Adidas is one of Nike’s competitor brands as is Under Armour and Reebok.

I found completing this assignment extremely difficult and was ready to quit trying as I began to get so frustrated with not being able to merge the two brands on my own. I toyed with photo editing programs such as fotoflexer and pixlr, but still nothing. Finally with the help of Professor Smith, I was able to complete the task and get the image I desired. FINALLY! With this assignment I learned about the Pixlr program, not necessarily how to use it thought. This was actually my first time using the program and alone, it seemed so complex. With the help of the Professor, I slowly got the hand of things or at least tried to. I learned about layers in pictures as well as how to sharpen images. The sharpening tool helped the black coloring in the “Just Do It” logo blend in with the black of the Adidas logo design for a more legit look.

Well, because I had help completing my design assignment I don’t feel positive in accurately explaining the steps I took. It all went so fast. Actually, it could’ve been at a grasping pace, but the vocabulary was so foreign to me because I’ve never used an editing program before. I’ve never had reason to. I joked that I needed Pixlr for Dummies. My goal would be to explore Pixlr or other photo editing programs a bit more and attempt to create another merger picture to see if I grasped the idea of it from the help I got.

Hopefully, I do better this time around. Let’s see how this goes!

For the second part of the assignment, I decided to do a video assignment “Top 5 Moments of Sports”. Check out what I put together on my first attempt —

Although I thought the video assignment would be tougher than the first, I was actually wrong. It was tedious, but easier to complete on my own. I used a free program on my Mac, iMovie to put my first movie project together. In the program, I toyed with audio tool which gave my video some sass, hopefully. I chose to make this video about sports, in particular baseball, because I am a huge MLB junkie. That’s all I live for during the summer days. Also, even though I am a NYY (New York Yankees) fan, I tried not to be biased by including other team’s moments in the video.

This assignment taught me that I need to be more in touch with my computer editing and exploring side – seriously. Hope you guys enjoyed!


Superhero’s and Jokes in Spanish. Thanks DS 106

The assignment I chose to do for the visual assignment is entitled “troll quotes” In this assignment I was set with the task of linking three similar yet differen figures. My figures were Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. As a huge fan of comic books and superheroes in general i quickly developed this concept. Here is my finished product.

The picture is of Superman, the quote is from Batman, and the quoted is credited to Spiderman. While attempting to complete this task I had to refamiliarize myself with photo editing software. The ideas of layers and text boxes that lie dormant in the back of my mind  had to be pulled back to the front.

For the audio assignment I chose to do the assignment entitled “Make’em laugh“. For this assignment I had to tell a joke in another language. I enjoyed doing this assignment although it’s was a bit awkward to record myself. I also tend to laugh at more inappropriate jokes so it I tried to keep it pg with a friendly kid joke.

For my DS106 assignment I decided to go for a visual. I Google humors pictures of Buddha and I found myself connected to this one. I choose this image because it made me thing of the reincarnation theory. And the baby is basically thinking, he’s Buddha and he’s back to this new generation and he accepts a new lifestyle and new Philosophy. is the program i choose to help me edit this picture, it was a fun site compared to the other ones I tried using.

Creating Assignments From DS 106

DS 106 is a free online course in which students develop their new media skills by completing visual, audio, video and many other types of new media assignments. Hit it and 911, What’s Your Emergency? were the two assignments I completed for DS 106.

Hit it is a visual assignment in which you add a caption to a picture in order to make it funny.  Here is my picture:

Marine recruits during basic training

In this picture you can see marine recruits  going through their physically rigorous basic training. To make the image funny I added text which says “I should’ve listened to my momma…”. The text I added tries to match the agony and pain that the recruits display in the picture, which I thought was funny. By completing the assignment, I learned how to add captions using GIMP.

The second assignment from DS 106 was an audio recording assignment called 911, Whats Your Emergency?  The goal of this assignment is to create a 911 call while having fun with it. My sister and I recorded a call in which a man calls 911 because he needs a cab but has no money to pay for it. The recording turned out to be very funny. The assignment allowed me to learn how to record audio using my phone and how to attach it to an image using Window Live Movie maker. Here is the recording:


I’m glad I completed the assignment from DS 106 because it pushed me to learn new media software tools that I’ll be able to use in the future as a teacher.


Baby Talk Visual

I chose to do a visual for the DS106 assignment. is a photo service that it very simple to use.  I found a photo through Google image search and uploaded the photo to which is a web based tool that allows you to easily add speech bubbles to your photos. Once you add your speech bubbles, you can save it locally or upload it to your facebook or blog account.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee


Muhammad Ali

The greatest athlete of the 20th century letting you know WHAT THE DEAL IS…………….. On this portion of the task I chose to do ‘Caption That’ for the visual assignment because I found this to be a classic photo of an iconic figure and I thought adding this caption was a good example of his persona in and out of the ring.

When it comes to the web and memes or gifs I never really thought about making my own or how to even do it but through this process I learned some easy tools to create simple memes, its pretty cool.  I don’t think I will be doing much of it but I can see the fun in them and used the right way you can share a message, spark thought or just have fun with it.


Video assignment

30 second documentary

For this task I decided to do the ’30 second documentary’ assignment from the video portion of ds106 assignments.

I chose to record myself trying to do a 30 second gasser which is a conditioning drill used in football practices where you are demanded to run 200 yards(50 yard intervals) in 30 – 40  seconds.  I have a love/hate relationship with this workout, its an intense run that’s great for cardio but a grueling conditioning drill as your really supposed to do 8 rounds of them with about a 60 second break between each round.  Not the best video, had some soccer player get in the shot (didn’t want have to do a re shoot) and there is no audio which the assignment says is ok. Overall its a great exercise if you want to upstart you cardio conditioning in a powerful way.

I liked doing this is assignment because it motivated me to record a portion of one of my workouts.  As a PE major and someone who would like to train people of all ages and of all walks of life this assignment opened my eyes to the benefits of recording my exercises and sharing them on the web.  Maybe I can upload more videos in the future that will help people in their pursuits to reach a better path of health and fitness.