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Physical Fitness Plinko!

6 Components of Physical Fitness


The game i came up with is called “Physical Fitness Plinko”. My game Consisted of learning and gaining a better understanding of the “6 Components of Physical Fitness” The Six Components consisted of (Agility, Coordination, Balance, Power, Speed, Reaction Time) I did test the students knowledge by asking them to match the correction definition with the Correct definition vocabulary, after being finished and asking them to match these words i then went over the ones that were correct and the ones that were incorrect. Understanding the definition and providing the correct matching will help students better understand each component of Physical Fitness and remind them of what each represents. After i checked to see which definitions the students correctly matched to the vocabulary for each correct one they received a Plinko token. Like the price is right they slid the token down the plinko board attempting to gain as many tickets as possible.

1)Was your game one of chance or skill or a combination of both? How did people respond to the style of play? My game was a combination of Skill and chance. As far as skill they had to recall knowledge of what each physical fitness component was best represented by the definition. Chance came into play when the students slid the token down the plinko board. There is no skill involved in sliding the token down the plinko board therefore chance and fate fell into play. The students responded postivley to this style of play and although not everyone got all 6 components correct most of them got majority right. The ones they did not get correct i would explain the defintions and show them the correct matching choice for that word.

2)Did your game allow for players to construct knowledge (through play they learned the lesson) or was it more of a showcase of knowledge (asking players for answers to questions would be a good example) My game allowed players to showcase knowledge along with also constructing knowledge. I did ask them a question by seeing if they could  match up the correct definitions but reading them back the definition was a form of constructing it because now after my game they will remember the correct definition.

3)How did the mechanics of the game turn out? Was it slow, fast, cumbersome, just right. Same with the rules. What would you change and why) I felt as if my game turned out well . I would say that my game was more face paced and exciting then others. setting a time limit did not give students to much time to sit there and decide which definition was correct. Although i did set a time limit of 30 seconds for students to match the definitions but then realized that the allotted time was not sufficient enough for students to fully read the definition and match all 6 components. I should have set the time closer to one minutes in order for them to sufficiently have enough time to do this activity.

My Mini Plinko!

(Reflection)- This Class went above and beyond my expectations. I did not expect this class to me nearly as interactive and as enjoyable as it turned out. This winter session went by so fast due to the fact that i looked forward to class. Tailoring all the lessons to the final arcade was brilliant and i learned so much about how to incorporate game play into lesson plans. You can learning fun and exciting if you use tools such as the ones we learned in class to engage your students and not just lecture them till they fall asleep. I wish more current teachers would incorporate more game play and excitement into their lessons even at the college level it would make learning way more interesting and fulfilling. I learned so much in such a condensed period of time from resizing images, to blogging, creating educational games and much more. I would not change this class at all. I have been in college now for 5 years and i can honestly say this class was probably the most enjoyable class i have taken in my college career. Thank you Professor Smith


My Game-kit


Here is a Quick Demonstration of my Game



The Object of the game is to Slide one out of the three quaters inbetween the other two. The only way you can advance is to slide it foward only. If you cannot make any moves foward by sliding inbetween the other 2 you have to shoot from where you are. If you shoot and miss and it is not slid inbetween the other 2 quaters the coins are then turned over to the opposing player. The first person who gets 5 goals wins. This is a fun game to play if you have dont have alot of different supplies. If you cannot find anything to use for goals you can also use yours fingers.

Game Setup



If you wanted to Modify this game you could add different objects consisting of anything to obstruct the coins and make it harder to slide them.







The game that i chose for Chuckie Cheese to modify was the wheel. My game is not a game that is solely based on the wheel itself but incorporates the wheel into the game. Where you see the numbers on the wheel i would instead have all different exercises for example (Bench Press, Plyometrics, 4 Mile Run ect.) All these exercises would have a different point value, I would also set up a large bulletin where i would have 3 diffrent columns listed as, Cardio Vasuclar Endurance, Muscular strength, Muscular Endurance. The students would have to spin the wheel and whatever exercise the pin landed on the student would have to take it off the wheel and post it in the column that best represents that exercise. I would explain to the students that and exercise might also have more than one benefit incorporating more than one aspect of physical Fitness but i would like them to chose the aspect that is more relevent. The more complexed the exercise the higher the point value it will be. The Students with the highest point value at the end would be the winner. This game will help students identify and learn what exercise helps improve what aspect of physical fitness.




Grandma Working HARD!




DS 106 Visual/Video


For my Visual Assignment i found a picture of Mitt Romney and then Added the text. The site that allowed me to add the bubble textbighugelabs.com. I thought this was funny because it contradicts the knowledge of this man who ran for President.

The lesson i would create to incorporate DS106 is asking my students to create a visual photo while also adding text. The reason i would do this is so the students could gain experience resizing images, uploading images and learning to add text to images. I feel as if this is an important tool for students to learn in order to be successful with future projects they may encounter. Above you can see my photo that i added text to. I believe the students would respond well to this assignment. Due to the sudden boom in  technology students are becoming much more technologically advanced at a younger age. I think this assignment students would flourish.

The Audio Part of my Assignment i would have students record and edit their voice. This will help students familiarize them self with Garage band. I would ask the students to record them self spelling 5 words they are unable to currently spell. I would have students do this because certain students may learn better using auditory skills. Replaying this audio recording would help students learn how to correctly spell the words they chose. Unfortunately i am unable to demonstrate this audio recording because i do not have a MAC computer.



Rules:The Rules for this game is fairly basic. you start with an incorrect price at the bottom of the blocks. The object is to find the correct price of the car. above each of the digits for the incorrect price is the correct digit for that price. for the first digit of the price of the car there are a total of 2 digits. as you move to the right guessing the price of the digits above the incorrect price increase by 1. you use the digits on top of the incorrect price to cover the incorrect price. After she covers up each digits they check to see if she has any digits right the only way she can continue to play is if she guessed at least 1 digit correct.

Mechanics: The Mechanics for this game would be guessing the correct number in order to get close to the overall correct price of the car.

Space: Making a game that has square digits and large numbers.

Goal: After each guess the digits light up informing the contestant which numbers he or she has guessed correctly.

Parts of the game- A car, 20 different digits, a buzzer, a way to show correct guess,


My Mock-up game


Phy Ed Connections

In order to build a connection i searched twitter for anything phys ed related. I came up with a multitude of different teachers and professionals in this field. When you search twitter for phys ed so many people come up, along with connecting with other professionals these educators also post all different things phys ed related such as websites, curriculum, websites, and much more. i also discovered the hashtag #PEgeeks is a popular hash tag connection that all different teachers from around the world use to connect with different physical education ideas. On twitter i discovered a Physical Education teacher named Adam Howell, through his twitter i gained access to a lot of great information, he had a link on his twitter to a website that provides you with great apps for your ipad to use in your classroom.Here is also the link to the blog of Adam Howell. Technology and PE class is making huge strides, using technology to improve your lesson plans, share information, or even do activities is being a widespread common practice.


Making a Paper Airplane

To make a great paper airplane you fold the paper in half

Next you have to fold the top corners together

After you fold them togther you then fold the sides together

After you fold the sides together you fold them back down to the bottom of the papeer

Learning to Code

This topic consisted of data collected and research provided with a multitude of reasons why learning to code and incorporating computer system education into schools is so important. There is a lot of focus on computer programming and web site development being just as important as math, writing and reading.  I believe this trend was chosen because with the explosion of technology. Many professionals believe that there is not enough emphasis put on the education of coding, programming, or related topics. Take all the social media craze these days. between facebook, tweeter, myspace ect…the use of technology has become a cultural phenomenon.The hyperlink “Codeacademy” is one that brings you to a website which enables anybody to learn basic skills of coding. The hyperlink “Their problem solving” brings you to an article that explains that a lot of these coding engineers are doing nothing but solving computer problems and coming up with solutions to these technological hardships.  The hyperlink “shortage of programmers” illustrates how the job market today has a great demand for these type of occupations. A programmer may not be the most glorious job but it pays well and companies need them. In my opinion i do believe that there should be some sort of education when it comes to basic coding. As someone who was a computer systems and programming major and Farmingdale State University i can tell you that i absolutely hate everything about coding. i did it for one semester and ran as far away from it as i could get it. Coding is extremely tedious and very boring. I do not disagree with someones decisions to do it though it is a great paying job and many companies need these type of people. They do offer free online courses for anyone that does want to learn how to computer program.

If you are confused on what computer programming is here is a explanation!






The question is posed why we make? In this video Adam Savage talks about his friend  became a maker as well as himself as a maker. It talks about how his friend watched the movie raiders of the lost arc. In the movie Harrison ford wears a specific hat. Adam Savage says that his friend Mark Faire wanted a hat exactly like the Hat Harrison Ford had in the movie. In bought the same hat Ford had in the movie but when he put it on it didn’t look like it did on Harrison’s Fords head. Mark Faire decided that he was going to MAKE a hat that fit his head. Why is this important? This is important because this man decided that the product out their wasn’t what he wanted. He new what he wanted and decided to create it. Creating something has many benefits along with a feeling of self satisfaction and accomplishment.The best way to learn is discover and innovate. I enjoyed this video because i feel as if alot of people settle for mediocre products. Instead of settling if your unhappy with something then you should strive to create something better!

“We need to have our children create things and get their hands dirty”