Built to Shred

Hello, I had to do a second post… I really like the foundations of the MAKER MOVEMENT  and since i’m really into to all kinds of sports from football to skateboarding I remember this show I watched a bunch of times called “Built to Shred” where the host would create and build all of these crazy obstacles to skate, surf or shred….and I thought this show was really in the spirit of the maker culture…

There are a bunch of clips from this show on youtube but here is one example, check it out:

Maker Movement and the Extreme Possibilities

What’s Up!  My name is Anthony, I am a Phys. Ed. major here at York College, I am working for my Bachelor Degree in P.E. K-12 and state teaching license.  When I have all the credentials required I plan to teach P.E. for which ever grade level I have the opportunity to teach.  Also I love sports and have a lot of experience playing many sports and I love the beneficial aspects of physical fitness therefore I would also like to coach sports and be a trainer as well.

Maker Kids at Maker Faire Austin from the MAKE blog

I find the theme of this class using the ‘Maker Culture’ as a guide to be a very interesting approach in enhancing student’s creativity, intelligence and understanding of the world around them.  No matter the age it is a very valuable trait to cultivate one’s creative outlets. From science & art to mathematics & engineering to sports & music, creative ingenuity propels that motor.


In my initial searches to elaborate on the ‘Maker Culture’ I aimed to draw a correlation between Phys. Ed. and the Culture and there wasn’t much connection between the two but there was one particular link that landed in my search.  It was a site designed by Red Bull which is a very cutting edge company that heavily invests in EXTREME SPORTS!  Red Bull stays in the now and recognized the movement of the ‘Maker Culture’ and designed a pretty cool website dedicated to the ‘Maker Culture’ called RED BULL CREATION.

After much thought and through all the creative and innovative adventures sponsored by Red Bull, I began to realize just how deep creative ingenuity can go with regard to academics, athletics and everything in between.  Using the foundation of the Maker Movement I feel I will tap into my creative outlets and become a better teacher/leader.