The World’s Fittest Athletes

The World’s Fittest Athletes Game

My game was called “The World’s Fittest Athletes” which was a game designed to teach the 5 components of physical fitness which are Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Muscle Endurance and Body Composition however for the sake of the game I left off body comp because it is a complex component to apply to physical fitness.  The idea of the game was to build a lesson around the Physical Fitness Components and associate them with various sports activities.

Thanks to the help of Prof. Smith I was able implement the components into a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons.  In my game I have a wheel of athletes who have a set level of 1 -18 which correspond to each of the 4 fitness components, the player then spins an arrow along the wheel to acquire an athlete, after that the player has 4 dice rolls to increase the levels of each component, depending on what they roll they receive that number in tickets, if they go over 18 they get nothing but if they get to the max of 18 they get an extra 10 bonus tickets…

The physical fitness components and the wheel of athletes

My game was a combination of both chance and skill as the player had to become aware of their athletes levels of the 4 fitness components and skillfully gage which component they were apply added points.  It was also a game of chance because when the player rolled the dice their was a chance they would either roll to low, to high or just right.  I liked implying both elements of skill and chance because it made the game more exciting.

I think my game allowed the player to construct knowledge because to start the game you had to learn the the physical fitness components and associate them with various sports activities.  Once the player became aware of the fitness components and the levels associated with their athlete they then had to estimate how to increase each level.  Therefore in this sense a player had to construct a knowledge of the fitness components.

The mechanics of the game I felt were pretty good,  the design or game play was a little complex to grasp for a first time player therefore I had to monitor/explain the player through their first go round, but after their first play they became pretty comfortable with the mechanics and game play.  You could say it was it bit cumbersome at first but if I explained it clearly the player would learn the game through play.  I would change the complexity of the different parts to the game such as the scoring system and the rules but I am a bit unsure of how I would change those elements.  The most efficient way I suppose would be writing the rules & objectives more clearly on the game.  I really liked designing this game and playing it too, I also think the students had fun playing it as well but I realized that I had to guide the player through their first play.  I would simplify the rules/objectives to allow the player to play without my guidance…

AC 230 Reflection

With concern to my expectations for this class, leading up to the class I was really unsure of what to expect. All I wanted to do was strive for an A+, take full advantage of all the knowledge presented and participate as fully as possible.  When the class started and Prof. Smith explained how the class was going to be I was a little concerned as I am not that tech savvy but I did expect myself to perform the course material, learn as much as I could and enjoy the whole process.  Overall I am pleased with the outcome and with concern to my expectations I felt I learned a lot of knowledge on computer/internet info and most importantly it helped think about ways to implement technology in my profession as a PE teacher. Every assignment we were asked to complete truly helped me increase my abilities as future teacher.

The concept of designing the class around building and education arcade where students create a lesson based game was an awesome idea and I think every class participant really enjoyed this class.  The education game assignments were super fun and the non game assignments I definitely appreciated the most were the DS106 assignments, both completing a DS106 and designing my own DS106 style assignment were very beneficial to me because it opened my eyes to the possibility of using creative technology based lessons as a PE teacher/coach/ trainer.

Overall this was great class for education majors and the way Prof. Smith designed this class was very knowledgeable, highly interactive and very fun.  Honestly I don’t think I would change any aspect of how the class was because I completely benefited from every   assignment, task and challenge… GREAT CLASS!!!!



12 thoughts on “The World’s Fittest Athletes

  1. As an RPG type of guy, I really regret not getting a chance to play this game. So many components to level up on!

    I was impressed by the fact that this looks like one of the games where the player will walk away having learned something (something I couldn’t figure out how to engineer into a game).

    Also, the component monitor is brilliant. I can see you really channeled Caine there and followed through on the builder’s spirit.

  2. Even though I did not get to win in this game, I admit that this game was very educational. Through playing it one becomes aware of the component of physical fitness. Nice work!

  3. I loved you game, not only the rules but also your building of the game. It looks so real. I enjoyed playing and won unlimited ticket. This game was easy to play and educational at the same time. Very well done…

  4. I am so disappointed I didn’t get to play your game. By watching your videos and reading your blogs, I have a good idea of what the game was about. I think its a great way to understanding these four physical components of fitness because you included sport activities! You designed it very well!

  5. I had so much fun playing this game of yours but I just wished I had better luck when i rolled the dice. ( I need to learn how to role dice better :x)
    I really like how you were able to design you game, very creative of you!
    Great posting!!

    • you gotta give the dice a nice shake in your hand, maybe blow on them too lol… then roll with a flare!

  6. I agree this game was very educational and well built. The game board contains a lot of interesting information about athletes. Great arcade game!

  7. Anthony, your game was fun and inventive. I think you may have a great idea for a ‘Magic’ type of card game. Great way to promote health and physical fitness as well as highlighting various sports and athletes. Nice job!

    • yeah prof. smith kept pointing out how this game could be taken to a whole nother level like adding card games as well… if only the class was longer…

  8. first of all that is a very handsome man playing your game. Second I appreciate the difficulty in building your game. The spinner and attribute sliders were well built and cool. I also like the professor’s idea of making it a magic the gathering style game (nerd moment). It was an honor sharing a table with such a well thought out game

  9. You don’t need the class to keep working on the game. I think you should try creating cards for each athlete so they could be dealt. Imagine each player gets seven athletes, and then there is a stack of ‘fields of play’ cards. A field of play is drawn, which works best for particular athletic attributes. Then each player could pick an athlete to compete on the field drawn.

    The dice could be used in the same way in your game so there’s some chance for the lesser athlete to possibly win. Could be fun. Let me know and I’d be willing to keep building it with you.

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