Hey now Hey now Don’t dream it’s over!!!

First of all let me say that this was a fun class and I’m glad I decided to take it when I did (even though my wallet wasn’t very happy with me when I had registered).

Now on to some Q and A. My game was mainly based on chance. I made it this way so that everyone would have an equal chance at being successful. I even made sure that I didnt even know where the cards were put so that I would not be able to give away anything through unconcsious gestures and shared genuine disappointment and excitement with the player. The game both required basic knowlede of probability and predictbale outcomes, but also taught it as well. I really encourage each contestant to think hard about their chances of winning more tickets then I would offer them (although many just refused and made me pull more envelopes cough cough… like Anthony). There were times when I would explain the odds to the player instead of letting them figure it out for themselves, but other then that the game went as I expected. Constructing it was simple although I had to teach myself how to color in the lines again which has never been more best ability.

I enjoyed seeing how creative other people were with their games. One of my favorite games was the adding computer game. Once I saw there was a high score I immediately saw it as a video game and didn’t even think about the education factor. Such a simple concept that I could see a lot of kids getting into. I also want to give a special shout out to the awesome switch operated spinning wheel on the fraction game. That was awesome!

As a general criticism I would suggest that every game had a chance to win even if you were bad at it. Mainly because I am a sore loser.

Honestly when registering for this class I had no idea of what to expect. I think it’s great that the class is constantly changing because our world and technology are constantly changing. My favorite non arcade assignment would have to be the researching of bloggers. At first I thought it was crazy for a physical educator to need technology but after researching I found a lot of useful outlets and have even considered creating a twitter account to easier access the information thats being shared over the world wide web.

In closing I’d like to say my favorite parting words… It’s been real.

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  1. I agree, the use of technology benefits educators of all subjects in the field and the spread of its information.

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