Coin Skee was inspired by the my childhood favorite Skee Ball, the main goal of my game was to get the ball in the hole and each hole represented pennies, nickels and dimes. If the player got it in the penny slot he or she would have to make twenty cents out of pennies, if the player made it in the nickel slot they would have to make twenty cents out of nickels and the dime slot they would have to make twenty cents out of dimes. My game was basically built for a younger age group. this game helps familiarize them with counting and understanding the concept of money.


Coin Skee was a combination of both skill and knowledge, it tested peoples ability to aim and face a little challenge, as for knowledge, definitely tested those counting skills for some. I believe people had fun and found the style of playing, interesting and exciting. The players actually lean when they win the game, because when they win they have the opportunity to count using images of pennies, nickels and dimes. So they had to showcase their knowledge and was able to take their time.

The mechanics of the game turned out perfectly fine with me, I would probably tweet certain things here and there, but over all i tried my best, i was actually anxious to build my version of a skee ball machine. The things I would change, would probably be the appearance, it wasn’t what I visualized, I think I wanted more visual stimulation like color even lights! As for the rules, I would keep the same concept but change it by laying out the coins so the students can pick out the coins and help identify pennies, nickels and dimes





This class was by far the most interesting class I’ve ever had! It was different and for this short three weeks I felt so connected to the field of childhood education and what it has to offer. As for the blogging, I’ve officially became a fan, it felt good promoting my thoughts and projects to web and the class. I was so into the blogging that I posted our class link onto my Facebook and got some interesting feed back from friends and family, they actually enjoyed reading our posts. I wish I had more classes like this simply because it made you think and work from a different perspective, NOT your traditional “open the book, read the book, and take the test” routine!

6 thoughts on “COIN SKEE

  1. I enjoyed playing your game! The concept of it was fun and very educational. What had made the game fun was trying to get the ball to get in the penny,nickle and dime holes. It was a little challenging but fun. The way you constructed the game- I am sure kids would love to play and the opportunity to learn how to count money. Instead of just having to get them to get the coins to add up to 20 cents. Did you think about maybe adding a little more math to it, like having them to subtract and or add to get a different amount?
    Great Idea and Posting!

  2. I thought your game was a great was to teach counting, math, and the U.S. monetary system. Your game proves learning can be fun. Good job!

  3. Your game was really fun to play! I like how you made your game focused on coins and throwing a ball. I can see how much children would love to learn the value of coins this way. Fun creation!

  4. This was another awesome game in the arcade. Skee ball is really really hard to build and making it educational is more harder, but you have done a fabulous job. It was interesting to play and at the same time players learn to count.

  5. I think that @uzma05 has a good point about creating some adding opportunities to the game. The mechanics are awesome, but tweaking the rules to allow lots of counting opportunities would be great. For example the learner could draw a number, between 10 and 20. Then they would have to roll the right number of pennies, dimes, and/or nickels to get to the right number. Tickets would be awarded based on getting to your number in the fewest number of rolls possible.

    Also I love the amount of time you spent on making the skee ball game look good, gluing on all the coins must have taken a long time! Thanks for making the effort to show off a nice game.

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