Arcade Day! :)


The arcade day was a complete success! My Rhyme-A-Dime game is a game of both, chance and skill because the dime has 3 chances of landing on the correct slot and need to have a sliding skill as well as know how to rhyme the chosen word. Players responded to this game as a lesson learned through play since you first need to find the word that rhymes with the word on the dime. The mechanics of the game turned put great because players were able to make the correct slots. Something I would change about this game is the size of the ramp because to make certain slots, the ramp would get in the way and it’s large size was not very necessary. I would also change the amount of chances one can slide the dime, I only gave 3 chances for each word, but if given more then I would’ve had more winners.

My favorite arcade game in the class has to be the “Aim and Build It Healthy.” I enjoyed playing this game the most because I loved the idea of incorporating throwing a ball to a board which contains healthy food drawings and I got the ball in the correct section almost at every attempt. The mechanics and rules were simple and creative as well. I believe this game can teach young students how to determine healthy food from unhealthy.

A game that I think could use some improvement is the “Finding Factors” game because the rules seemed confusing. When I played this game at the arcade I had to ask many questions and when I spun the spinner I landed on high products. This made it hard for me to divide all the pasta into the correct number of bowls. Also a lot more space was needed to focus on the factors I was working with. So to improve this game, I would suggest using smaller products so that dividing the pasta can be easier and I felt like the amount of time was not enough to divide everything.

I thought this class would be difficult since there were only three weeks to complete the course, but it actually turned out to be an interesting experience. It was my first time blogging and this class has helped me discover how much fun it is to share my point of view on different topics. I actually enjoyed the class since it was designed around constructing the arcade which is extremely unique and this assignment taught me to be creative with education which is really important to keep in mind. My favorite non-game oriented assignment has to be the tutorial one because I explained each step of something I enjoyed making. I would not like to change this class in any way, but would rather recommend it to other students. This professor knows how to make learning fun! Thanks for an interesting winter session!

6 thoughts on “Arcade Day! :)

  1. I thought the game concept was pretty cool, but I had trouble shooting the dimes past the first slot, maybe if you built a lip and weighted the pieces a little bit it would have helped the game flow better, overall I like the efforts you made in the game design….

  2. yeah I agree with the tape being the reason why, but i found this game to be pretty cool and intresting

  3. A great game I must say but you know what would get the game to play even better if you make a better set up where it is more tilted and try to get the tape to be smooth- this way it would not stop the flow of the coins. Great game though Stephanie. Very creative ideas and the construction of your game!

  4. This game’s mechanics would probably improve a lot with scaling it much larger. That would allow others to see the words at more of a distance, so those not playing could learn the rhyming words as well.

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