Building EZ as Pie Fraction Action

The goal I had set for EZ as Pie, Fraction Action was for it to be fun and educational.  I chose to do a math game because my eldest son, Omar, who is 10 years old and in 5th grade, had a tough time understanding fractions.  He is currently working on fractions in school and had a difficult time memorizing the percentage equivalent of fractions.  By creating a game where he can visualize the pie representing fractions would help him to understand the concepts.

Building Process:
I drew a picture of a pie onto cardboard paper, colored it and then cut it into eight pieces.  I then made a wheel that had different fractions on them.  I attached the wheel onto the upper left side of a poster board, connected to the gear part of a motor which was attached to the back of the cardboard.  The motor was connected to a battery pack and an on/off switch in a series circuit formation.  I drew the title of the game on construction paper in bubble letters, cut them out and glued it to the top center of the poster board.  I then cut out circle shapes and cut pieces out and glued it to decorate my poster board.  I also wrote fractions and percents all over the board.  On the upper right side, I attached a print out of the rules of the game.  On the bottom of the poster board I attached a shoe box cover, which I glued constructions paper onto for decoration.  Then I glued eight small cups onto the board with percents on them.

My cardboard pie

My fraction wheel

motor and battery pack

cups with percent of fractions


Creating this game was fun, I love gluing, cutting, coloring…pretty much anything that involves art!

7 thoughts on “Building EZ as Pie Fraction Action

  1. This was one of my favorite games! I thought adding a mechanic wheel was awsome! I think you did a great job and as a college student you refreshed my memory on different fractions. Adding the percentage of which fraction the wheel landed on was a great idea! good job very creative game

  2. I really like the construct of you game, the design was cool and I was impressed with electric wheel… breaking down the fractions was challenging enough to make me think twice about my chosen answer and even though I got my answere right I was terrible in tossing the jax so if this was reall arcade game I would have pumped quarters in it until I won… good game…

  3. I love the way you designed you game the spinning wheel was awesome. This game was really educational. My sister told me that she learned something new from this game. She can now visualize the fractions and find the percentage. The tossing was a bit of challenging because it jumps from one place to another, but other wise very good and educational game. Well done..

  4. As Professor Smith said in the video, your kid rocks with the way he helped you build the motor and components of the game. great game 🙂

  5. Your project is very well designed! So colorful and nice. I am going to agree with “salutations” your game really did refresh my memory of different fractions. Nicely done 🙂

  6. I definitely noticed how much hard work and time you put into this great arcade game. Looks very colorful and creative. Unique creation =]

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