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Yesterday was my last AC230 class meeting. This meeting was very special, Prof. Smith organized an arcade party with all the educational games we had designed for the class. Students had a chance to play with each others games and win prizes. Here I talk about how things went with my game.

The goal of a Whack A Mode player was to recognize the color that appeared the most and to whack the craft sticks which represented that color under the least time possible. My game demanded recognition skills and fast hands from the player. However, everyone who played the game was very comfortable and played the game very well.

Whack A Mode allowed players to get an informal introduction to what is called ‘the mode’ in statistics. The players could have played the game without knowing what the mode was and still win. The game was designed for a first grade classroom and could be used as an attention getter for any lesson on the mode.

The game turn out to be very easy and quick to play. Most players were finished playing within 10 seconds of starting. Players were able to recognize the mode very quickly. Which in part could’ve been due to the fact that the crafts sticks were uncovered and players might have been able to recognize the mode in advance, from afar, even before they  decided to play the game. To make this game more competitive, I would have to cover it while no one is playing. Also, I would have to add more craft sticks to it. More Craft sticks would definitely make the game more challenging.

Before I register for this course I thought that the class was going to be a very boring and demanding computer course, just like the ones I had previously taken at my old school. This is the reason why I decided to take this course in the winter, to get it over with. However, from the very first day I realized that this class was going to be very different than what I had expected. Prof. Smith gave us a very inspiring introduction to the course by showing us a video of Cain’s Arcade and since that day I’ve been excited with all the classwork done in class. I loved the idea of the class being designed around construction of an arcade. It gave me something to look forward to.

My favorite non-game oriented assignment was DS 106 assigment called 911, Whats Your Emergency?  In this assignment, I was required to create a recording of a funny 911 call. I decided to create the recording with the help of my sister and it turn out to be hillarious. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of creating an educational game and I am looking forward to creating many more for my future classrooms. I wouldn’t change anything about the class, It was very interesting, fun and I learned a lot.

8 thoughts on “Reflections On the “Whack A Mode” Game

  1. although i did enjoy the premise of this game i do believe that modifications could have been made to have the game be more enjoyable and exciting. Possibly using other objects rather than colors to find the mode would of been better. you could of used pictures of animals, anything rather than colored sticks. Also this game would have not worked if the child was unaware of what the mode was. An explanation of the mode would have been a good idea to add somehow in this game. The idea was good but the procedure and process i feel needs work. I hope my advice will help.

  2. This was an interesting game. If i modify this game I would use the same mechanics but instead of color I would use number on the Popsicle stick to make it more realistic, but otherwise it was a great game…

  3. I really liked the construction of your game but I was bit unsure of what the lesson behind it was. You might want to emphasize the lesson a bit more on this game but it was cool game concept.

  4. I liked your game, it was fun to play and I just felt it was missing one little thing, maybe an activity or even more visuals to help students understand and remember the term mode.

  5. I like the concept of your game and reading Jaya’s comment-I think if you add the definition of the word Mode, it would possibly help students grasp better understanding of the game. Although, the construction of your game is nicely done.
    Great post!

  6. I think you should of put kittens in the box and when they peeped their little heads out of the holes we could of whacked them with a stick.

    Nice Job!

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