Making of Aim and built it healthy

The creation of my game consisted of the materials; cardboard, clear/see-through velcro, sharpie markers, pin-pong balls, and crayons.

Aim and built it healthy and the materials put together to create it

My original design was to put small pictures next to each slice or section on the cardboard,  but due to limited and short on supplies, I had to improvise and move to Plan B. It was using sharpies and crayons to trace and fill in pictures, and then cover velcro over the ping-pong balls and test to see if it would stick and it did, plan b worked!!!!.

I am happy to say that with the help of my fellow classmate and how she helped me last minute, the project came out great and both the classmates and kids who were at the studio had fun an awesome time. 🙂

Arcade day


11 thoughts on “Making of Aim and built it healthy

  1. Fun game Meir, we all enjoyed playing! It was educational because it taught kids/adults how simple it is to build a healthy meal. Your classmate who helped you is so awesome! “;-)”

    • Thank you, I’m glad you and your kids had fun playing and they actually came to play a couple of more times. My classmate who helped me is an amazing person 🙂

  2. I was able to score a happy healthy meal and get some tickets. The use of the velcro in your game was a great idea.

    • Thanks, everyone has been complementing me on the velcro balls and the board, I originally wanted to make it with darts but I didn’t have any and I wanted the game to be safe for kids so I made it with ping-pong balls instead.

  3. this game was pretty fun, I like how you made the ball stick to the board, If this were an arcade I would have probably played this game a bunch of times trying to stack up on tickets…

    • thanks, your game looked amazing on arcade day, it looks like everyone had a great time playing your game.

  4. As i told you this game was a fun game and at the same time players had a very good idea of knowing what will happen if they don’t eat healthy food, No tickets for unhealthy food and in the same way no nutrition from unhealthy food. Very good creation of an educational game…

  5. Wow it looks and sounds like you all had fun playing my game . I’m glad that you all liked and enjoyed playing the game.

  6. Really fun game and great idea. I like how you put everything together and how well it worked. Children can learn so much about healthy foods through this cool game. Nice arcade idea!

  7. thank you, and children can learn english and grammar from your game as well which was also fun:)

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