The Making of Bingo Speed.

My Documentations of “Bingo Speed” in process.

Outline of Bingo Speed


Pasting of numbers and darkening of the lines.


The Final Piece.


Bingo cards constructed


Bingo Chips

When I decided to turn the BINGO education, I did not know how to get there besides the fact about adding addition problems to its card. I did not know how to be able to go about creating the game fun and challenging. However, though the support of my Professor – Prof. Smith and My Class Fellows- I was able to turn my boring game of Bingo to a fun “Speed Bingo.”  The idea was really good but I did not know how I was going to get my numbers drawing to work- my first thought was to just pick out numbers from the hat but that did not show any “creative-ness.” I wanted to get artistic and what not. I wanted to make something that would be fun to play with and also a little bit challenging and intense for one to play. Therefore, I began to think of games that I found fun while my time at Chuck E Cheese and also Dave Busters. I like games that involves spinning wheels. Right then a light bulb switched on and I decided to make my Speed Bingo a game where it involves me spinning a wheel 🙂

Although I had my idea thought out and designed. I had trouble getting my spinner to spin! It got so annoying to the point where I wanted to design something else =/ I knew I did not have much time but also knew I had to get it done no matter what. The thought of YouTube-ing “How to Make a Spinner for board games?” came to my mind and I had my bestfriend help me find a simple video to help me get my project done.

I had wished for my game to be fun and educational with a little bit of  intensity. I think i was able to accomplish that-  Watch my video!  The more I played with new contestant the more ideas grew. I was able to grasp a better hold of my game with better rules! I could have done a better job at first but since I did not have the opportunity to play it with many people, I did not get much feedback nor any advice.

Thank you guys for playing my game and helping me in improving it 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Making of Bingo Speed.

  1. Your game was awesome to play at the arcade, especially with the short time you gave us, it teaches the player how to add faster and try to get a bingo. Great game and post!!

    • Thank you Mier.
      yea, the 10 seconds made the game a lot better.
      It was Prof. Smith’s idea to have my game of bingo turn into “speed bingo.” I am glad it was able to work out perfect.

  2. I really enjoyed your game because it involved more than one player. It’s a much better and fun way for kids to practice their addition facts rather than memorizing flashcards! Def one of my favorites!

    • I did not even think about that. Yea the fact that Bingo Speed involved more than one player- added more fun and challenges to the game.
      Thank you for all your help Shaira!

  3. I didn’t have a chance to play this game but from what I saw, it seem to be very entertaining and educational.

  4. I like this game as it was very interactive, fun and challenging(with the 10 second limit – even though I think you counted fast lol)… you mad this game very rewarding with the amount of potential tickets you could win… this would have been a game played multiple times….

    • I need a stop watch to do the 10 seconds counting haha
      Thank you Anthony for your help and ideas 🙂

  5. This was my favorite game in the arcade because it was really a speed game and showcase of the knowledge and how fast you can add. Very nice creation educational Bingo. well done..

  6. This was probably the game I had the most fun playing… I liked the fact that it was a game that took longer to yield results, it was interactive and easy to understand yet challenging enough to make you think (fast). It was also one of the few games that you could play with another player. One improvement I might suggest is, instead of a wheel with numbers maybe a box with numbered balls (like traditional bingo) this way you draw the same number twice… Overall you did a really good job!

    • I was going to do the picking number out of the hat but it wasn’t as fun. The reason I chose to do the wheel is because it added more fun to the game and also, there were some numbers on the bingo cards that consisted of more then just one problems for the number spun on the wheel. Just in case they missed it the first time, or if they didn’t get to cover them all, if it lands on the same number again- they were able to make a move. && Thank you.

    • I am glad you all did. Thank you for playing it. You sister helped a lot in trying to get me to get the game to become better- please thank her for me once again 🙂

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