After the Arcade

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Hopefully your game was a success – people learned, had fun, and won prizes! For a final blog post I want you to do two things talk about how things went with your game answering the questions below.

For your game answer these questions:

  1. Was your game one of chance or skill or a combination of both? How did people respond to the style of play?
  2. Did your game allow for players to construct knowledge (through play they learned the lesson) or was it more of a showcase of knowledge (asking players for answers to questions would be a good example)?
  3. How did the mechanics of the game turn out? Was it slow, fast, cumbersome, just right. Same with the rules. What would you change and why?

Here are links to the videos I took of your games being played. Apologies for the few videos with bad sound. I think I had my thumb over the microphone! Be sure to embed your game in the final post.

World’s Fittest Athlete

Coin Skee

EZ As Fraction Action

Adder All (speed adding on the computer)


Rhyming Slide

Whack a Mode

Meal Toss

Make A Meal

Bingo Speed Addition

Finding Factors

Find The Ace

Physical Fitness Plinko

Aim And Build It Healthy

Also I want you to comment on at least to games posted. Find your favorite game you played and talk about what you liked about the mechanics and rules. What made it fun. Also find a game that you think could have used some improvement to the game’s mechanics and/or rules. Be sure to give advice and ideas.

Finally please in your final post reflect on your expectations of the class and what it turned out to be like. Tell me about your feelings of the class being designed around constructing the arcade as well as describe your favorite non-game oriented assignment. How would you change this class? Why?

And if you want to export your blog posts and import them to your own free blog follow the instructions from the summer semester post. You should post your blog URL in the form on that page too. And if you have questions about this process, please ask questions in the comments below.


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  1. This was an amazing class, it was creative, educational and fun… this class was awesome in helping us become better teachers in the future, especially in the ever-changing advancements of technology. I am thankful to have been part of this class and experience everything that took place…

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