Favorite Chuck E Cheese Game!

The Skee Ball game has always been my favorite arcade game because I played it many times in my childhood and it still entertains me. The point system of this game is not the simplest at first, but the more the game sucks you in, you keep track of the times you get the ball in the holes. The core rules of this game are to get the ball in the highest hole because that’s where you gain the most points. But, the tricky and frustrating part is actually making the shot. My aim has never been the greatest, so this game is still quite challenging for me. This game keeps me focused and determined which I enjoy and it’s also good to practice the throwing technique needed to win.

To modify this arcade game into an educational game, I can change the rules by having the children keep track of the amount of points they are winning on a piece of paper to add or subtract their points or instead of numbers change the categories to words with different endings to learn and on the ball write another word with similar ending to make the ball in the correct word hole. This game can make students competitive because they will be having to keep up with points to be able to win. This arcade game can be turned into many math related games for different grade levels and it will keep them thinking!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Chuck E Cheese Game!

  1. This game was awesome. Building a Skee ball is not easy but you have done a fabulous job, heads off. It was challenging and very entertaining.. Great post…

  2. I think you did a good job remaking this game and it worked well. I like that children can keep track of their own points…great way of getting them to practice their subtraction and addition facts. I like that the game can be modified to be played by multiple grade levels.

  3. I agree with you, this game more you play it the more addicted you get. When I visit the arcade games with my niece, it is one of my first go to game.

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