Aim it and build it healthy

My game for tomorrow’s arcade is called “Aim it and build it healthy” and the game is taken from a lesson plan that I have used in my educational classes. The lesson was about identifying healthy foods and non-healthy foods and then once identified, one would learn how to build a healthy meal. So in my game version,  a player is given a several amount of balls instead of darts. Then the player has as many tries or get as many parts of healthy foods to build by throwing the velcro balls at the section of healthy foods instead of hitting the junk foods. Once the player has got many sections of healthy foods possible, you get tickets, win, etc. when landed on  junk foods, you lose points. The mechanic of the game is  guessing for the children to see if they know how to identify healthy from unhealthy foods, chance, aiming and throwing the ball on to the right target.

Aim and built it healthy!!!!